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Is there a particular Split Enz song that evokes a personal memory within you? Music is a powerful memory aid, as we all know. It can indelibly etch an event in our minds forever and take us right back to a specific time in an instant when we hear it. People famous (and not-so-famous) have said that music is the soundtrack to our lives, so I was curious to know what Enz song/s take you back to any kind of time, date, memory, feeling, thought, moment, idea, place, person, event, etc, etc, whether it be good or bad.

Personally, I have countless memories which have a Split Enz song as the soundtrack. It's so hard to pick just one. Anyway, I choose 'Another Great Divide', as it partially soundtracked me and my family's shifting from one place to another on two occasions in 1993. Such a poignant memory, and such an appropriate set of song lyrics to accompany the end of one era and the approaching beginning of a another.
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for me it'd be "Dirty Creature".

it sort of represents for me when I feel like I have to much on my plate at once and I can't cope. I feel as if I can't take all the stress anymore. so yeah, dirty creature sums that up 4 me.

the other one that soundtracks my life would have to be strait old line. for me this one represents focusing on your dreams and not stoping till you reach them. very uplifting.

Kate Razzer
For me it would be I Got You as a soundtrack to my youth in Texas....we were one of the first people in my neighborhood to get cable - way back in 1980 - and I remember the day that MTV went on the air. For the first few years of MTV, they only played arthouse bands who were forward thinking enough to make videos - Among them, Split Enz. I Got You was the first Split Enz song I ever heard or saw. I didn't buy the album (it would take 6 Months in a Leaky Boat to make me buy Time and Tide), but now whenever I hear I Got You, I think of the video and I'm transported back to 3403 Candlewisp Drive (where I grew up).

Take A Walk was the soundtrack of my first Race for Cure 5K run. While I was training, it always started playing in my head whenever I hit that moment of running hard..."Run, never tire, Run, Boy, Forever and ever...." That bridge in the song kept me going and going and I finished the race in 38 minutes (I'm slow, but at least I finished!).
For me the clearest memory is the first: Dionne Warwick (!) introducing the band on the old "Solid Gold" music show in 1980, watched on our smallish TV set in rural New Hampshire on the one channel we could get, the Enz launching into "I Got You" and me captivated by their cool look and those weird Eddie Rayner sound effects ... and my Dad snapping "more punk rock!" :-) !!!!!

I think I ordered the cassette tape from the music subscription company the next day.

My younger brothers tell me my Dad will now listen to Crowded House and Neil or Tim Finn stuff and like it, as long as you don't tell him it's got anything to do with "Split Enz".


Ahh, well...Early '80s, I worked in a Head Shop/ Record store in Woodfield Mall (what could be a better job for an 18 year old punker)and True Colours came out. I would play it every chance I got, seeing that my boss was a big Springsteen (yuck yuck yuck) fan, to get the bad tunes outta my head. A few years later I worked at another record store and Time & Tide came out. I worked for a real geek, but he would make me laugh when I put it on by "pogoing" to Dirty Creature. I loved those records and still have the promo copies of both (as well as Conflicting Emotions)on LP.

Years later, my husband, a Deadhead, decided that Neil was all right when he heard Take A Walk, because of the line, "A friend of mine told me you gotta be kind". (I remember it like it was just yesterday)

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