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i was going through the nzmusic yahoo group that i belong to and came across these 2 posts from the same person

just thought i'd put this here if anyone could help this person if im not mistaken is this the show that split enz lost their gear in a fire or was this another show under the same name
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Apart from finding time to look up the info, I've hesitated replying to this because I'm not from NZ. But no one else has answered so here goes with what I've come across...

The info is from:-
'Stranger Than Fiction - the life and times of Split Enz' by Mike Chunn
'Stranded In Paradise - New Zealand Rock 'n' Roll 1955-1988' by John Dix
'New Zealand Film 1912-1996' by Helen Martin and Sam Edwards

The first 'Nambassa Music, Crafts & Alternative Festival' was in January 1978 at Golden Valley outside Waihi. Headliners - Skyhooks.

The second was in January 1979, much bigger - at least 50,000 attended (or 65,000 depending on which book you read!). Headliners - Split Enz and Little River Band. Also appearing [listed in film info]:- Golden Harvest, Schtung, Steve Tulloch, Cockroach, Acorns Puppets, Swami Satchidananda, Chapman and White, John Hore, Serendipity, Dragon Dance, Plague, Neville Purvis, Limbs Dance. [I don't know most of these acts Smiler ]

There was a double album, book, film and TV programme. 20 hours of film were shot which were made into a 140 minute film, then cut to a 105 minute film. But the writers of 'NZ Film 1912-96' could only find the 50 min TV version. A quote, "Highlights include Split Enz in harlequin attire, singing 'You and me we can do whatever we please'."

Little River Band were the only group to refuse filming permission.

Citizen Band aren't listed as appearing in the film, but Mike Chunn describes watching Split Enz at Nambassa because his band were due on stage later.

The double LP includes:-

Split Enz - 'Frenzy', 'I See Red' and 'Bold As Brass'; Bamboo, Flight 77, Sam Ford's Verandah Band, Living Force, Schtung. [not full track listing]

The third Nambassa festival a couple of years later was a flop - not well organised and literally washed out by heavy rain. It was on the same weekend as Sweetwaters 1981.

Originally posted by kylenano:
[qb] A quote, "Highlights include Split Enz in harlequin attire, singing 'You and me we can do whatever we please'."
There's a snippet of this footage in the Spellbound documentary, although the correct title of the song is "True Colours (Let's Rock)" of course. A pity the Nambassa documentary isn't available on video.

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