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Originally posted by Secret G�d � sc23:
[qb]Where did u hear that?
It's not on Afterglow is it?[/qb]

Crowded House let Peter Green include it on the Fan-club album "I Like It Rare", which was released earlier this year.

I think you can still buy it from the club. It's a really good album. Eight songs in total. It has one song each from: Paul Hester, Noel Crombie, Eddie Rayner, Nigel Griggs, Split Enz and Crowded House. Tim Finn contributed two songs.

Email Peter to see if he has any copies left.
I think (if I remember correctly) that it was recorded during the sessions after TOLM when Nick had been fired from the band. He was eventually asked back, but not before a couple of songs had been recorded.

It may be that it was left off Afterglow for that reason - it didn't have Nick on it and was recorded during a rather tense phase in their relationship which they didn't want to dig up again.

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