I'm doing a creative writing course and tonight had to produce 250 words in the present tense about a personal memory. We were supposed to try to include sensory perceptions & 'fix the memory in time.' Not sure if I've done that, but this is what came out - if you have the time to read it, then thanks, and please post any comments & tell me if you think it's rubbish. Hope it's OK to post this here, btw. It's a true reflection, in case you're wondering.

I am sitting 8 rows back from the stage at the Bournemouth Pavilion. There is a spare seat beside me and a pretty girl - quite tall, brown hair, lots of teeth but not in a bad way - appears and says, 'Ah, that's the one,' as she indicates, and then occupies, the seat next to me. There is some sort of connection between us, but I can't work it out. My mind is too busy.

The lights go down and a cheer goes up. A cheer much louder than I was expecting, and the crowd - 1000 people who've never met - suddenly turns into a congregation, which somehow feels good. Now we're all in it together: true believers who've found each other. The Finn Brothers arrive on stage, and crikey, there he is, right in front of me - Neil Finn, the singer/songwriter who provided the soundtrack to my former life in Australia. The band start playing and I am instantly bathed in pleasure - is this what it's like to take drugs? - then Neil says, 'Are you ready to sing?' and before waiting for an answer, strums the opening bars of a song called 'Four Seasons In One Day,' whilst inviting the crowd to sing along. I love this song. I sang along to this song in my living room in Melbourne when I was feeling lonely and trapped 10000 miles away from home. Now I am home and I sing the song. I mean I really, really sing it. I sing it out loud at the top of my voice. The girl next to me really sings it too, and her eyes are moist with tears. A thousand of us sing it. Now I'm crying, and thank God it's dark and no-one - well, almost no-one apart from the girl - can see me.

Nothing has happened to me - I mean, all I’ve done is sat in a seat and sung along to a song - and yet everything has happened to me. Stuff I thought was stashed in the 'Do Not Disturb' compartment of my brain has been unlocked in an instant. And that girl next to me knows it.
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Thanks for sharing a very sweet memory. I enjoyed that.

I actually felt myself getting swept into that singing crowd. I was one of the thousand.

My only complaint is I wanted more - what was the stuff that got unlocked in your brain? -what is your connection with the toothy tall girl? -what will the next song be? etc.

Loved it, got goose bumps and wished I had have been there. I felt like that in Brisbane last June when Neil sang "Message to my Girl", and I cried at the end too.
Certainly not rubbish! A moving reflection of a tender moment. Thanks for sharing.

I do, however, agree with Ross B--what's the rest of the story? Please share!!
Minty, you have a quite a gift there. Swept us up and kept us reading to the end. And we didn't want it to end! So now it's time for 500 more words...Smiler

thanks for sharing!
Thankyou, Minty that was just lovely. Something I relate to when our guys sang FSION in Newcastle especially, and it still makes me cry.
I thought it was good too Minty Smiler Magical!

I thought the connection with the tall toothy girl was the common love of the music and the emotional unlocking if you like... the understanding...

I think it's cruel they only allowed you to write 250 words though Minty Wink

Thanks for sharing anyway, but I'll move this also to Original Creations - I think it's more suited there Smiler
I really like what you wrote, and I think we can all relate, in our own way, to what you were feeling Smiler
Yes, Minty. That was very nice. Where is our follow-up? What else happened? Or is it best to just leave us hanging at the end there? It does have a good effect!

I can't even remember the last time I did such writing.

Thanks for taking me back.

Minty, that was beautiful!!!

You've actually inspired me to write some reflections on my own concert experiences... the community you described is what I love about them. You may have never met anyone else in that room, but you all unite together because it means something to you. The music lives in all of you. And you've gone and put it into words. Smiler

Wonderful job, look forward to hearing more from you!

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