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I FINALLY ran across my old copy of the "Merry Christmas from Split Enz to the Frenz of the Enz" 45 single. It was tucked behind an old Kim Wilde 45. Ah, the eighties!
I gave the single a couple of listens and that old green plastic record still holds up, albeit it pops a bit.
The boys (except Nigel-he had an upset stomach that day) are having a good time singing and cracking silly jokes. They even introduced the newest member-Paul Hester.
I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to relive that Christmas!
Hopefully I'll be able to burn a copy onto CD and clean it up a bit.
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Well Greg, I don't know if I'm too late...

If you got to, enter the Split Enz place on this great site and click on Conflicting Emotions, you'll find a download of it at the bottom of the page!
I'd suggest this is already cleaned up, saving you alot of time and effort. So get to it!

I hope this may help any others searching for this rarity. It also shows scans of Side One and Two (and the green vinyl)!

I also strongly recommend this site to any Enz fan! So check it out at (repeat)!


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