Which Neil Finn/ Tim Finn/ Finn Brothers, or even Crowded house or Split Enz song, leaves you feeling like an emotional wreck afterwards? Personally I teared up during A Life Between Us - there seems to be such a melancholy longing in it. Also, Into the Sunset from Neil's last album is a deeply emotional song for me, as well as Better Be Home Soon. The brothers have this knack for tapping into every single one of my emotions at once in their songs - what about you?
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So many to choose from. Just some that spring to mind: How Will You Go, Charlie, Not Even Close, How'm I Gonna Sleep, Mary Of The South Seas, Lester, Together Alone, Walkin On The Spot,King Tide, Shiver, Good Together, A Life Between Us, Luckiest Man Alive and Nothing Wrong With You.
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[qb] After perusing this forum I never thought about the 9/11 Turn and Run connection. Now everytime I hear it I am brought to tears.

Somethings don't really diminish that much with time. [/qb]
While I bought "One All" when it first came out, I listened to it a couple of times and shelved it, likely because I was looking for something that sounded more like Crowded House. It wasn't until after seeing the Finn Brothers in Boston last month, and buying a copy of the 7 Worlds DVD, that I discovered what true gems were on that album. After hearing "Turn and Run", I actually went back to see when that song was written, as I thought surely it was written about 9/11, but it was obviously written well before that. I do think I will always associate that song with 9/11, and I too get very emotional whenever I hear it. Actually, "Anytime" reminds me of 9/11 too.

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