this is a bit of an abstraction from the subject, only thing that got me "emotional wreck" worthy would have to be one of two performances in Boston in the last couple years. when he sang at the Paradise the old standard "i can't get started" for his father, and ed harcourt's horn player played with neil at the piano. it's always been a song i sung alone at the piano, one of my absolute favorites, and when he did it i was blown away.

then at the Avalon months later when he did "throw your arms around me." my husband always loved hunters and collectors and would sing that to me. then neil did it. my husband has his arm around me, we're singing every word, and neil comes over to the side of the stage and he's watching us, smiling. felt like magic to me.
"Together Alone" is definately the one song from all the Finn stuff that sets me off. I don't know what it's really about but it always leaves me feeling as though I've just said goodbye to someone I love forever but with the knowledge that they're forever in my heart so still with me - together, alone. Is there anyone out there who could tell me what the maori lyrics mean (I'm just assuming the words are maori - hope no-one's offended!)?
sinner_beginner, thanks for reminding me of Lester. We lost our dog to a car accident and to have someone put into words (and to music) all that a family dog is to his human companions makes the loss a little more easier to take. Neil & Tim have created a soundtrack for so many aspects of our lives.
Into temptation. If only for the line "and the guilty get no sleep, in the last slow hours of morning".

Don't dream it's over. That guitar, that organ ... just melts me every time. I use the MP3 as a ringtone on my phone.

Only talking sense. There is something so heartbreakingly gorgeous about some of the music in that song.
Distant Sun - closest thing to what can be perfect in pop music as far as I'm concerned...Part of Me, Part of You - gives me the same etheral vibe as DS with a trancendant atmosphere and lyric...and Whereever You Are - It's musically visual and reminds me of what love can do to you if you let go.
OK I'm sorry if I'm sounding ignorant here, but I've never heard "Lester" and I'm curious about it since it's about losing a family pet. Is it Crowded House or Split Enz or Neil? Is it on an album? If not where can I get a hold of it? I dont have any of the B-sides or unreleased stuff so I'm assuming it must be one of those??

Thanks to anyone who can help!
This is such a hard one.

Since I was a teen i have always gotten teary over "Missing Person"

My dog was killed in a car accident this May, and my husband and I have been just devastated - she was our baby. I have found this summer that I have retreated deep and hard into Neil/CH/Enz Finns for comfort ... Neil especially is my "safe place" - Along with EIH I just cannot stop playing "Try Whistling This".

Doesn't it seem like some of his music just resonates in a good place within you? For some reason, "addicted" seems to musically feel like my insides and defines something.

And Gentle Hum - it's like when you find the frequency of that song, it rocks you into safety....

raptorjen - I am sorry for your loss and I understand...
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and this seems a fine topic to delurk on, although it's hard to make a choice. Smiler

A couple of places in "Four Seasons In One Day" do it for me -- "you can take me where you will,/Up the creek and through the mill" and the little bit toward the end that starts "It doesn't pay to make predictions." So sad and beautiful. Also, the place in "Private Universe" where he sings "the labour of love is ours to endure" (such a brilliant phrase), and yes, all of Into Temptation. Often the places that make my breath hitch a little on each re-listen are where the lyrics address love/life in a way that's at once crass and tender -- and there are so many of those places in the Finn lyrics.
Crowded House--probably Private Universe, or maybe Distant Sun, or sometimes Don't Dream It's Over, or often How Will You Go...too many choices to decide.

Finn Brothers--probably Life Between Us, which makes me think of my relationship with my own brother.
Oh, as for a Neil Finn solo song...Into the Sunset gets me very, very emotional. So do Anytime and Driving Me Mad, actually--what a perfect pop trilogy--but especially Into the Sunset. It seems to be about the conflict between wanting to travel and go away and see the world, and to be at home with friends and family. I understand that conflict so well...I saw Neil play in Vancouver just a few days before moving from Canada to Ireland. The actual show was wonderful, but even better was the little acoustic set he played in the afternoon at Virgin. He played the two songs I most wanted to hear, Private Universe and Into the Sunset, and introduced the latter as a song about the West Coast. I was pretty much on the verge of tears for the whole song.
Originally posted by Princess Yum Yum:
Doesn't it seem like some of his music just resonates in a good place within you? For some reason, "addicted" seems to musically feel like my insides and defines something.

And Gentle Hum - it's like when you find the frequency of that song, it rocks you into safety....

These two songs, Gentle Hum and Addicted, you described them perfectly here, Princess. The piano riff in "Addicted" is very soothing. "Gentle Hum" has the beautiful sounds and tempo of a lullaby.
In addition, "Won't Give In" gives me the inexplicable feeling that no matter what happens, life is going to turn out good, so I should try to enjoy it as much as possible.

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