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I've always heard comparisons of Neil's songwriting to the Beatles but other than the fact that both have a knack for writing perfect pop songs I didn't really see it. That is until I received the Recurring Dreams CD last week and heard "Not the Girl You Think You Are" for the first time. That song more than any other I have heard sounds like something that the Beatles could have produced so that has prompted me to ask what other CH (or solo, Enz, etc.) songs remind you of the Beatles.
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Instinct has a very "Strawberry Fields" instrumental part near the end. I always think of the Beatles when I hear that. And I'll also agree with Not the Girl You Think You Are as something similar to what the Beatles might have come up with. Other than that however, there's not much in CH that really brings the Beatles to mind for me.
I thought the exact same thing, too, about Not The Girl. I saw the video online before I got it on cd and that was my very first thought! "Hmmm...very Beatle-y".

Often times I hear Lennon nuances in both CH and Neil solo. I've read on this board lots of people see McCartney influence, but I'm always just seeing Lennon.

There's something about Lester that sounds Beatlesque to me, too.
Originally posted by Martine:
[qb] Everything is Good for you and lately, I've been thinking Now We're Getting Somewhere---that just sounds so much like George Harrison circa 63/64 to me, it's uncanny. [/qb]
Oh right - I forgot about this. There's that little Paperback Writer guitar (or is it bass?) riff in Now We're Getting Somewhere. Ok, I stand corrected. Wink I still don't really think of the Beatles that much when I listen to CH though - I think the CH songs have a unique sound. Definitely very melodic like the Beatles, but not to the extent that I'm always being reminded of them. And I really don't hear the similarities to John Lennon in the vocals that a lot of people have mentioned.
Originally posted by Rain00:
[qb] Oh yeah, the piano intro of Left Hand always makes me think of Why Don't We Do It In The Road? ~! [/qb]
Seems I'm a completly music bonehead.
The intro of "left hand" always reminds me of "You can leave you're head on" from Joe Cocker...

please don't laugh about me Wink hahahahah
Originally posted by Sandra:
[qb] [QUOTE]
The intro of "left hand" always reminds me of "You can leave you're head on" from Joe Cocker...

please don't laugh about me Wink hahahahah [/qb]
Uh, Sandra, other than the Freudian slip, I am not laughing at you. I am laughing with you. Tell yourself that and all will be well with the world.

It's "You Can Leave Your Hat On"
Sandra - I would LOVE to meet you sometime. You crack me up, usually when I need a good laugh.

I can see definate Beatle influences in Neil's music. The thing that really strikes me is that Neil, like Paul M. has a happy talent for melody that is sadly lacking from most others. At the same time I can see Lennon's style in Kill Eye, Mansion in the Slums amoung others, but Neil Finn/Crowded House is Neil Finn/Crowded house. They have left their OWN indelable mark on the world. Just like John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I still contend that the Beatles were the most influential band ever.
Originally posted by Evvie:
[qb] No question for me--"I Love You Dawn" sounds amazingly like a Beatles tune, both in songwriting and in the very McCartneyesque vocal.

Evvie [/qb]
I second that, Evvie. The first time I heard it I stopped short for a moment and thought: wow...he sounds very much like Paul...

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