Here are some reviews posted on the TITM list (thanks Sarah Brammall!). A couple of links to BBC reviews of Oxford and Ipswich gigs, and below that, a review from the Eastern Daily Press (local Norfolk newspaper):

Regent Theatre, Ipswich

There are times in life when you witness something so perfect, so precise,
so special that you are blown away by it.

The Finn Brothers at Ipswich's Regent Theatre was one of those times.

The New Zealand brothers walked onto the stage while a flickery home movie
from their childhood in bleached 1960s colour shows a young curly-haired Tim
take a bow and introduce his younger brother Neil, just older than a
toddler, who also takes a bow, golden hair falling forward for the camera.

In front of the images, still with messy hair but now greying, stand two
middle-aged men. They may be 40 years older but the desire to entertain and
sparkle in their eye is the same.

They break into two tracks from their latest album, Everyone is Here, before
interspersing them with 'classics' from their past bands, Crowded House and
Split Enz.

The songs are not churned out album perfect, but performed with a vibrancy
and quality that raises them to a new level.

It is not about playing the right notes in the right places, it is about
giving a performance that drives and winds, allowing you to lose yourself in
the music.

The Finns are exceptional musicians, chopping and changing instruments and
vocal harmonies with ease and finesse.

So moved are the crowd, that by halfway through the gig they are filling the
aisles, dancing and clapping.

Family is important to the Finns, and both Tim and Neil talk about their
father and the loss of their mother, to whom they dedicate, All the Colours,
a song about her death.

They are comfortable on stage, joking with the audience, thanking the
roadies and at one point having a play fight midsong.

But more than anything, they are having fun doing what they do best.

A breathtaking performance
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