I'm kinda getting into these little animated stamps. I set myself a challenge of making a stamp without resizing the template.

What I ended up with was so tiny, I couldn't see what was happening. So I resized, but kept the original proportions.

I thought it was going to be a relatively small file, but it ended up with 40 frames...and I had to resize them all!

I'll be making an Enz one next. Anyone else who is interested can right click and save the blank stamp template above and go from there. It really isn't hard, but here's a tutorial.

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

My Digital Art, Poetry & Lyrics

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Pasting them all here again, had to lose the drop shadows in favour of transparency. Fixed some other pesky little glitches too:



I made a Javascript animation years ago, that had the diamond full of album covers from this image here:

scratching Tim's autograph into the shiny playing surface of a cd. I still have the individual frames (>100) and I'd like to recreate it on a smaller scale. Stay tuned...

I'm still getting my head around Adobe ImageReady, a FAR more capable package than the gif animation software I was using. I remade my stamps using ImageReady:



Okay, the difference is subtle, but methinks somewhat better quality.

Not quite happy with this one:

There seemed to be some frames missing, hence the New Zealand does a couple little revs toward the end. Can I fix it? Yeah, probably.....

OK, fixed it. Y'all can't tell the difference, probably, but I am a perfectionist:


Cos I'm feeling nice, y'all can right click->save link as on that or any of my other stamps below, to download the original file (better quality.)




I hope no one rips off my work. No one here would do such a thing, but it's happened before with my written work. I might have been flattered that someone would consider my work worth ripping off, but they made a complete dog's breakfast of it!

Let's just say I didn't hold back on the expletives, when I ripped that miserable plagiarist to bits. 

Did some editing, still not happy. Ah, the infernal perfectionist strikes again!

Am thinking of putting all my stamps into the 1 animation, have then randomly scattered, all playing at once and overlapping one another in a semi-transparent fashion. Could be interesting...

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