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Just curiously wondering if anyone knows what the guys, Nick especially are doing for money these days???? Do you think they all did well enough out of the Crowded House era to live comfortably for a couple of lifetimes!??
Might seem like a materialistic thing to think about but Id like to think Paul and Mark and Nick and Tim even did ok out of the House
Any takers???.....
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Weird topic, but here goes.

Mark Hart went back to his old group Supertramp after the breakup of CH and then made a solo album called Nada Sonata. On a side note, Tim wrote a song especially for Mark's album for him.

Nick Seymour joined Deadstar and left after about five minutes and did some work on an Andy White album a few years ago. I don't think hes recorded or played much since then.

Paul Hester co-owned and later sold a cafe in Australia, had a band called Largest Living Things (they released two EP's, Paul sang and played guitar), had his own TV show (Hessies Shed, it ran two seasons), and is now working on a solo album.

Peter Jones went back to Deadstar. I don't know what he's doing now.

Tim Finn - Well I don't think this guys ever going to have money problems. Creatively, despite being fifty, he's at his musical peek. Feeding The Gods was hailed as Tim's best solo album, he debuted his musical Feedback and now he's recording the new Finn album with Neil.

Hope that answers some questions.
Nick produced an album called "Neither Am I" by a band called BellX1 back in 2000. It's actually quite good (although one of their b-sides, "Tongue" is actually their best tune). They're probably most famous for being the only band in Ireland to be signed to a major label (we don't like them much here) besides U2. Any Damien Rice fans could do worse than check out Bell X1 - In the old days Damien Rice+Bellx1=Juniper.

Nick also did some work with Gemma Hayes (another name in the whole irish thingy here). Who's album "Night on My Side" is well worth checking out, even though I don't think Nick had anything to do with it.

No worries, just a shameless promoter of the IRRIYS(nice acronym-refers to the Irish Record\Release It Yourself Scene, or the Moanin' Dub Major Label Rejects\Steve Albini is god Society)

Not so sure if Nick is still knockin' around, PG may be the best one to ask there. If he is, I haven't seen him at any gigs\la-de-dah launches\la-de-dah lunches\art gallery openings\general bohemian mid life crisis pickup places in recent times. Not even a mention in the "Hot Press" (patron magazine of the Dublin Music Thingy) gossip columns. Or any gossip columns for that matter. I can't comment on whether the sale of dodgy hawaiian shirts in Temple Bar (General Bohemian Mid Life Crisis "aren't we cool, it's ok to charge ridiculous caf� prices cos we're cool" area of Dublin) have gone down or up.

My 3.14(whatever pi is) cent,
Nick is back in Ireland, though we expect him to return to Oz later this year...he has been prducing a few people...Australian musician Matt O'Donnells album demos (Paul was involved too) Pauls studio and then onto Nicks Dublin place.
Paul currently mixing his solo cd and getting artwork together, it's out in a few months when we return from our drive around Australia road trip.
Money...think the royalty cheques are still strong, just the Best Of alone keeps ticking over, it's now the third biggest selling Australian album ever within Australia (think its 10 platinum here) 1.5 million in UK and times like Christmas see it continue to do well. Plus the rest of the catalogue ticks over I guess.

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