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Just thought I'd ask you about this.
As a collector of Crowded House for about 30 years, I went through my CD singles recently to rip them to iTunes - unsure why I haven't done this earlier! I was copying the UK pressings of CD singles (all the double packs) from the Woodface album (Nails In My Feat, Locked Out and Distant Sun). To my shock when I looked at the playing surface of ALL of the 6 CDs they all had this mold or fungus on it. It wasn't the furry kind that grows on fruit, it was hard but all the CDs were unplayable. It wiped off with a bit of force but unfortunately both my Locked Out CD singles are unplayable/unreadable.
I was wondering if anyone has the b-sides to them and can email them through? I know this is an odd request but I'm kind of peeved that I paid import prices for these years ago (about $30!) and they don't work. None of my other singles by CH don't have this mold.
Hope you can help
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Sorry to hear you've been affected by this - It's not mould or fungus, it's a known chemical reaction between the CD surface and the printing inks that they were using in the early 90's out of EMI's Swindon plant for the digi-packs - found out about this 10 years ago when my copy of Locked Out had same thing happen and did some research to find what issue was - unfortunately it renders the discs unplayable 

You might find copies on eBay, just make sure you get any seller to send you recent photos of the surface and look really closely before you buy, I had bought a second copy at the time but it had same issue happening, despite assurances from seller.

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so I dug on my cd singles stack and managed to find all the CH UK double packs. Unfortunately I also have some of them that have that kind of mold on them too. I managed to clean them with those magic eraser sponges and it kinda worked. I can play the cds on my computer. So will send you the links to your mail.

Let me know if you need songs from the other damaged singles.

My copies of Distant Sun and locked out double pack with the album lyrics both ended up with this bizarre white frosty / Cristalised stuff on them - is this the same as others are mentioning here ? 


I succesfully managed to clean mines with a baby wipe , and they work fine now . In my thousands of cds , they're the only ones it's ever happened to. 

Baby wipes are great

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