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Here is an interview with Mitchell Froom done by Radio New Zealand.

I've been waiting for something like this! Froom's perspective is (to my mind) obviously the most interesting thing about this new version of the band, and I'm surprised it's taken so long for someone to interview him.

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Mitchell’s excitement to play with Liam and Elroy is palpable. Between Mitchell, Liam and Elroy’s historical connection to the records more than say the touring versions of the songs that Neil and Nick are use to playing, I expect more detail and nuances to be heard.  Plus you’d expect 5 on stage will make more noise than 4 on stage.  (Although there were a few trios that made more ruckus than bigger bands.)  I’m very curious how this lineup will work out.  I’ve been happy with the snippets I’ve heard.

Fascinating interview, thanks for posting. I'd pretty much lost touch with Froom's work after Crowded House and didn't realise he'd produced so many records.

Makes me want to have a listen to Randy Newman. Froom speaks very highly of Newman and I've always been an admirer too.

Just want to see Froom play that DDIO organ solo now! And the Four Seasons harpsichord-ish one....Something I miss in the streaming services is full credits... Must dig out my physical Woodface to see who played what.

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