I've just learned that some posts over the last week are missing.

It's not an alien and it's not that we don't like you. We like you! Unfortunately, our web hosting company got bought, and yesterday seemed to be the day that they migrated a lot of websites from the old company's system to the new company's system.

I'm still having a huge mess. I have 10MB of email from the last 15 hours, and I can't pick up a single one because it says my inbox is empty. But the control panel shows that I have 10mb of email. Great for business!

I also noticed that files on my aswas.com server were old. My guess is that somebody planned this migration really poorly. I'm guessing that they moved files DAYS ago, had everybody still accessing the old websites, and then switched to the new servers yesterday. That's lovely except now frenzforum is missing the last 7 days of posts because they went to another server!

This also means it'll be nearly impossible to get these back. The forum is a linear animal, and if they moved back files from yesterday, all your posts from today would be gone.

I'm assuming that registrations are also missing. So if you signed up recently, you may need to sign up again.

Obviously, I'm hugely sorry about this. I like for the forum to be a good record of everything that people post, and there is no WAY I would want a single minute of it lost or inaccessible. However, what's done is done, and I don't think I can undo it. I can only say that the move has happened, and it shouldn't happen again. I've asked the hosting company for an EXPLANATION, which they escalated to engineering, who'll get back to me, but I don't want them moving yesterday's files since then TODAY's posts (like this one) will be missing.

What a mess!

Thanks for your understanding. I'll add to this if I find out more.
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