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The following contributed by my kids....

"I got chipmunks in a leaky boat...chipmunks in a leaky boat..."

(My ancient thread "When Kids Mess Up the Words" is somewhere on this forum, and has sillier ones...)

I was in the dentist's office the other day and they had on the 70's station that was playing "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond...I was reminded that when I was a kid, I thought the song was about a minister who always wore jeans...."The Reverend Blue Jeans." Big Grin
A few of my faves, which really work (if you have these records in your collection, dig them out)...

"How Soon Is Now" - The Smiths
Real line: There's a club where you'd like to go, you might meet somebody who really loves you

My line: There's a club with the right to grow, you took me tambourine in your red lingerie.

"We Are Family" - Sister Sledge
Real line: Just let me state for the record
My line: Just let me staple the vicar

"My Heart Will Go On" (Titanic Theme) - Celine Dion
Real line: And I know that the heart does go on
My line: And I know that the hot dogs go on.
Here are the other ones from my kids which I dug up from that other topic...

(Fall At Your Feet)
"The finger of pain has turned upon an elf and I'm more than willing to offer my help. Do you want a present or need a belt? Who knows where that might be?"

(Weather With You)
"There's a small boat made in China, it's going nowhere on the candle piece, oh do I lie like a lousy lizard, or do I sing like a bird released..."

(It's Only Natural)
"You read me like a book, it's falling down, you need a sneeze, please, let me go away with you..."

"I'll sing for you the song of Benihana."

(Video Killed the Radio Star)
"Cheerios killed the radio star."
Here are my all time favorites:

My friend thought that the the song "Call Me" by Blondie was actually "Chow Mein"

My best friend's brother thought that the song "Eyes Without A Face" was actually "I Supply the Faith"

And, my friend Amy's cousin thought that in the song Lucille by Kenny Rogers that instead of saying "four hungry children and a crop in the field" the line was actually "400 children and a crab in the field" Big Grin Big Grin
This one's not all that hysterical or anything, but I've always heard the line in the chorus of Into the Sunset as;

"hunger for the well-travelled, stimulating discussion..."

as opposed to the official lyric sheet which states

"world travel..."

I swore I heard it again today when I played it, and to me it's a better lyric, but what do I know.
K...this one is embarrassing and came from the shows we were just at.

Rhett Miller has this one song about how his one male friend is so depressed and self-destructive. Then you get to the chorus and I thought he was being his typical funny self, and suggesting that the cure to his friend's woes was to go get other words, I THOUGHT Rhett was singing:

"You gotta get out and boink Shirley..."

I will NEVER live this down, as the song is ACTUALLY about the guy living in a place called Point Shirley, and Rhett is suggesting he move:

"You gotta get out of Point Shirley..."

errrrggggghhhhhh...... Roll Eyes
The only one that springs to mind for me is In Quintessence by Squeeze. The line is:

He says his girlfriend lives too far away, always at friend's house or on holiday...

which sounded very much to me like:
He says his girlfriend lives too far away, always has her breasts out on holiday...

Have recently managed to stop singing that version. Thank god.
Mentioning Squeeze just made me remember a song lyric that I got wrong.
I saw Squeeze perform on SNL years ago (early 80'?) and it thought the song they did was called "Pulling Muscles for Michelle"! I had never heard of mussels at the time...Of course later I figured out it was "Pulling Mussels From a Shell"! Smiler Wink
My husband came up with a classic just now (we're watching the Travel Channel and the "100% Pure NZ" ad came on with DDIO), and he misheard the lyrics as "try to catch a delly Julep" (instead of "try to catch a deluge in a paper cup)...

Okay maybe it was a "you had to be there" but it had me cackling... I've heard of a mint julep, but a delly julep? (is that when the Dell dude serves it to ya or something? Confused )

""I got chipmunks in a leaky boat...chipmunks in a leaky boat..."

That is the funniest damn thing I've heard in ages! Way to go Heidi's Kids! My own children used to giggle their heads off whenever they heard "Pineapple Head" playing. They just thought it was a wonderfully silly song about...well, a pineapple head I guess.

My one friend always thought that Madonna's "..and I fe-e-e-e-l, like I just got home", was really (and it was great when she would sing along)..."and I f-e-e-e-e-l, like a disco ball!"

Giggles away! Razzer
When I told my husband about the chipmunks he reminded me of two of our son's "altered" songs. The first was a song by Backstreet Boys (older cousins-NOT ME). The lyric was supposed to be:

"Am I sexual?". My little guy thought it was:
"Am I sectional?" We didn't tell him the truth.

The second was a song by Neil. the lyric is supposed to be "Smiling when the sh** comes down", but he sang "Smiling when the ship comes down". Again, we didn't correct him.

Lately, the kids and I have this thing where we sing our heads off in the car to ABBA's Greatest Hits and my Hits of the 80's CD's:

"Waterloo, I was defeated, you won the war..."
"Waterloo, I wasn't eaten, you won the war..."

"Roam if you want to, all around the world, roam if you want to, without wings, without wheels..."
"Run if you want to, run around the world, run if you want to, without wind, without shoes..."

"Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tamborine"
"Dancing queen, feel the heat from the dance machine"

"Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight."
"Everybody have fun tonight, everybody get drunk tonight."

[OOPS, rats...this is automatically logged me in as Jason...I'm sure you guys were all like, oh, YEAH, I'm SURE Jason is secretly singing ABBA in the car with his kids, lolololol!!!!!!]
Originally posted by Heidi as pfellah:
[qb][OOPS, rats...this is automatically logged me in as Jason...I'm sure you guys were all like, oh, YEAH, I'm SURE Jason is secretly singing ABBA in the car with his kids, lolololol!!!!!!][/qb]
As I was reading it, I was actually picturing Jason singing ABBA songs, but it seemed kinda weird... Wink
There's a line in Catherine Wheels which goes:

bruises come up dark (i think).

For the longest time i thought that line was;

Bruce has come undone , which of course is just plain stupid, but hey, we're talking me here, alright?

I guess i just never gave that song enough listens to figure them all out, but today I heard it clear as a bell.
In the "oh yeah that is so misheard" (and laughs) section of the lyrical world, my dance troupe is doing a song by Amr Diab (he rocks btw, is a bit of a studmuffin, and well worth your time checking out) and the song is in Arabic and Greek, and there is a phrase in the greek part that sound like "sexy body". I played this for my husband and said "doesn't it sound like they're saying "sexy body"? (we call the dance the 'sexy body' dance because of this) and he says to me"oh yeah, the line sounds like "sexy body sexy emu" and he's right. I have found the Arabic words and English translations but not the Greek words and I'd love to find what is actually being sung but with 'sexy emu' I don't know if I'll be able to get through this without laughing. (this conversation happened Sunday). Anyways that's my misheard lyrics story of the week. I really don't think I'm going to get a better one for a while.(as I cosmically open the door to such things..... Smiler )
My favorite has always been my hubby's... in the Police song "Don't Stand So Close To Me" he thought Sting was singing "this girl is half-diseased" instead of "half his age". It made sense to him, I mean, that's why he didn't want her to stand so close to him! LMAO!

The other that made me laugh was he also thought David Lee Roth was singing "Got no love, no love in Korea" instead of "Got no love, no love you'd call real" in Van Halen's "Running With The Devil".

I had a friend in school that used to think Billy Idol was singing "How's About A Date" instead of "Eyes Without A Face".

Heidi, "You gotta get out and boink Shirley..." I love it! LMAO!!
Originally posted by Rain00:
[qb]I had a friend in school that used to think Billy Idol was singing "How's About A Date" instead of "Eyes Without A Face". [/qb]
That's fantastic! Big Grin

I have another great story. My friend told me that one time she was blasting "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran on the first floor of her family's house. Her brother Tom was upstairs. At the end of that song, of course their is a woman moaning. For some reason Tom thought that the moaning woman was actually someone yelling "Tom! Tom!" So he kept yelling "What! What!" Big Grin
That's so funny Rain.....I used to think it was "How's About a Date?" too!! HAHHAAHAHA

Up until I told him otherwise about 2 years ago, my hubby thought that instead of:
"Oh shush, keep it down now, voices carry"
that it's:
"Oh shush, even downtown, it's so scary"!!!!!
The first time I heard him sing it I was like, "WHAT?!?!?!?! BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

When my kids sing Six Monts in a Leaky Boat, they say 'Aotearoa (sp?), rockin individual' instead of 'rugged individual'. My daughter swears her version is better he he.

My son sings I Got You 'I dont know why sometimes I get fry attempt' I dont know what thats supposed to mean, but, hey, he's only 7!

When I was a kid, I used to think the song 'You're the One that I Want' from Grease started 'I got shoes, they're made for flyin' and I thought the chorus went 'blah blah la la la la, baby, hoo hoo hoo'. I also thought the part that goes 'You better shape up' was 'you better shake up'. My own kids made misheard that the same way, so maybe its a common one. What can i say, i was just a kid!
Saw the video for Train's new song "If It's Love" on TV this morning. I could've sworn they sang "There's no happy endings, no hand relief". I sat bolt upright and googled the lyrics, to discover that it's actually "There's no happy endings, no Henry Lee". I have no idea who Henry Lee is, but I was "relieved" to learn that those were the real words!

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