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elvis presley had a hit with the song crying in the chapel written by artie glen.

do these lyrics look familiar?

you saw me crying in the chapel
the tears i shed were tears of joy
i know the meaning of contentment
now i'm happy with the Lord
just a plain and simple chapel
where humble people go to pray
i pray the lord that I'll grow stronger
as i live from day to day

i've searched and I've searched
but I couldn't find
no way on earth to gain peace of mind

now i'm happy in the chapel
where people are of one accord
yes we gather in the chapel
just to sing and praise the lord

you'll search and you'll search
but you'll never find
no way on earth to gain peace of mind

take your troubles to the chapel
get down on your knees and pray
then your burdens will be lighter
and you'll surely find the way

don't know if old carrot top covered it though.
Umm... didn't Peter Andre have a (minor) hit with that song??? I'm not a PA fan, but seem to recall he has some similarities in looks (and voice) to Mick Hucknell. Maybe that's who you're thinking of?

I had a look at an official Simply Red website (you can find the discography listings here ) but didn't see a listing for "Crying in the chapel" -- I only skimmed the listings though (seeing as I'm technically supposed to be working, after all!)

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