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'Holy Holy Holy lift me up again.'
One of my favourite lines, from one of my favourite choruses, from one of my favourite songs !!

I've just put that on after reading that and it's bound to go on repeat, can never hear that ending enough - what a beautiful finish

Edit/PS - That's 3 times so far. And *what a drummer*. WHAT A PERFECT POP DRUMMER THAT MAN IS !
Incog - the song is Some Dumb Reason from Say It Is So. What does it mean ? I never care ! To me though it's a great, mildly tortured relationship song in which Timbo admits he is smitten. The holy holy holy line I like as I assume he is bouncing upward on a wave of love ! Man !

Donovan - yes I mean Ken Coomer - I haven't heard Wilco but I think on that particular song, possibly nobody in the world could have grasped it quite as well.

And yes to the Men At Work girlie - lyrics ! Lyrics would be handy to both of Tims recent ones really.

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