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Just had a quick listen to the snippets of Mental Notes and 2nd Thoughts on the ENZ DVD and had the usual reaction of �this stuff is so good, so interesting, textured, layered ...� then was struck by the thought � these albums would have made a lot more sense had they been made by 50, not 20 year olds. There is a lot of implications of looking back on ones life, at by-gone eras, mental breakdowns etc.

What most people would regard as normal for 20 year olds is the sort of 'good times' dance music they ended up making years later.

I just wonder that with the maturity they showed with these albums how interesting it would be if they grouped together and saw what they would create as actual 50 year olds. Edible Flowers is something that comes to mind that is in this vein.

For those who haven�t listened to it for a while � go back and check out Tims vocals � they really are superb. I can see why Phil loved hearing Tim sing his words. Also Phils vocals on Spellbound and other parts to me are the best he has done � wonder why he ever moved up a register in later incarnations. Phil?

What chance for some 3rd Helpings?
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I agree, it'd be great. I don't think the problem is musical though, I think it's personal between Judd and Finn, and we'll never know the full story (as it's none of our business).

I agree, Edible Flowers seemed like reaching back to those years, would have been interesting to hear the other songs that were done at the same time (As much as I like Lord Nord, I hope it wasn't all like that ).

Pity Split Enz is a bit of a dead force commercially (according to Mushroom anyway), as an archive Live release would be great. Hopefully we'll see some of this on the bonus album that may be coming with True Colours.

That Hull concert with Neil and Phil anyone? Play It Strange, So This Is Love, I'm So Up, Home Comforts Bergan Aun Zee, hell, half the album would be unreleased songs.
I know the Hull concert is a soundboard tape, but may not be good enough for a proper commercial release. I wish the fanclub could release Split Enz Live CDs, but I hear it's problems with Split Enz itself and Mushroom. Pity, and if you read this Peter, as I've said in the past I understand, but we can wish.

Something like Robert Fripp's King Crimson Collectors Club would be good, but I suspect Split Enz's fan base isn't as big as King Crimson's.
Yeah, I must admit, my favorite Split Enz stuff would have to be the earliest stuff. It's just so interesting and dramatic... the songs just travel all over the place.

I'd certainly love to hear the earlier meterial live, especially if they jammed lots and really went wild.

Any idea what the setlist for this Hull Concert was?

And a slightly off-topic question:
Who is who on the front covers of both albums? Mental Notes it isn't too bad... but Second Thoughts I'm at a total loss as to who each person is!
Mental Notes
Left to Right: Emlyn Crowther (blue waistcoat), Eddie Rayner (white shirt), Phil Judd (purple jacket), Mike Chunn (yellow jacket), Noel Crombie (pink jacket), Tim Finn (blue jacket), Wally Wilkinson (yellow jacket).

Second Thoughts
Back row: Emlyn Crowther, Noel Crombie, Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner, Mike Chunn. Front row: Rob Gillies, Phil Judd.


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