Which means it's about 27 years since I discovered the album, albeit via Second Thoughts.  Wow, time flies.  But because I played Second Thoughts to death first, I actually prefer that.  Not to say Mental Notes isn't genius too.  Now if only for a 40th anniversary tour with a guest slot by Phil Judd.  The good thing is that it will be the 40th anniversary of all the albums in turn soon.  Anniversary Tour for each one playing each album in entirety?  Haha.

7 years since I 1st heard the album. I bought it, along with every other Enz album I didn't yet have, took them home and played them all back to back. What stuck out about Mental Notes and Second Thoughts was that they demanded my full attention. Any other Enz album, I was happy to whack on, while I lost the other half of my head in whatever piece of art I was working on.
Incidentally, I can't believe SS got thru an entire article, without hanging sh!t on anyone, must be going soft in his old age!

Would've been great to have some kind of limited anniversary edition available through the club.  The album plus one of the very early live recordings that are around packaged with it as a second disc. I'm sure Eddie could make them sound good.  And it would've been unique to have had Phil re-paint the sleeve but with all the band members as they are now, 40 years on.

Really, when Phil left the Enz in 1977 for the nth and last time, who would have ever predicted him hitting the big time with an AUS #1 before the Enz themselves?


And who would ever have had him writing and releasing new music in the naughties and 2010s?


Whatever demons have possessed him, and whatever their cost, it has been far greater to him than to any of his fans. Fortunately, we receive the fruit but none of his torture.


I am just thankful for the extensive catalog of highly original and inspiring music he has produced.

I'm revisiting this forum after many years away, fossicking through old threads. Nice to come across this one, I think Sweetman gave a terrible review of Intriguer when it was released but this is a genuine appreciation. 

Mental Notes was the first Split Enz album I came across, my brother had it and it can't have been long after it came out. With it's fantastic cover so apt for the music inside. I was really impressed that one of the band members had done that painting, years later I was delighted to see the original in Te Papa. But this album seems to me to capture something of the Genius Loci of Aotearoa New Zealand. It's still my favourite Enz album much as I love True Colours and Time and Tide (and all the others) 

And now we are very lucky to have a huge sprawling mass of music that has come from Neil, Tim and Phil. That's something to be happy about that my journey through life has had this musical journey happening beside it, sad that it hasn't been a happy one for Phil but at least he still creates music and if not popular it is very genuine and inspired. 

This last couple of weeks I have been going through all their music, it's funny how for me it still seems somehow inter twinned. I do a little radio show and I was thinking for my next one I might do one featuring Mental Notes and songs from Play it Strange, the Conversation and Intriguer. That somehow makes sense to me.

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