Mental Notes from Gigs

For full comprehension of gig, what's everyone looking out for ?? and I'll try and remember Mental Notes taking.
A setlist.
H & P report.
Instruments used.
Banter report.
Crowd report.
____________________ people hear what they see
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Three options for getting the setlist...

1. On your cellphone, type however many text messages it takes to list the song titles and save.

2. Be an Enz Nerd (and make everyone around you stare!) by writing the song titles down one-by-one.

3. Be in the right place after the show and grab a copy of the setlist off the stage.

Big Grin
I'm in two minds about whether to read the reports. In one mind I want to know what songs they might be playing when I see them on the 11th, in the other mind I want it to be a surprise and think wow they're playing THAT song.

But to answer your question, the setlist is the be all and end all for me Smiler
Okay going with Gav's #2 Geek proposal, that's me Big Grin.

Shall try for the selist, but my other one here is just sitting by the computer so no biggy for me there. Besides think the fingernails could be out on that one.

Camus don't bother looking back in here then.

LOL yeah right !!

Spoiler warning from here on in.
Haven't Enz setlists post-1984 been fairly predictable? 'Shark Attack' as opener; the "hits", tried-and-true live favourites and some album tracks in between; and 'I See Red', 'Charlie' and 'History Never Repeats' somewhere in the vicinity of the end of the set and the encore?
Yeah Gav, they are, but you never know, last big hurrah they may slip some oldies or obscure songs. But basically I'm expecting to hear Shark Attack, Poor Boy, Bold As Brass, History Never Repeats, I Hope I Never, One Step Ahead, I Got You, I See Red, Charlie, My Mistake etc.. Smiler

I'll probasbly break down and peek in here tomorrow though lol.

2. Be an Enz Nerd (and make everyone around you stare!) by writing the song titles down one-by-one.

3. Be in the right place after the show and grab a copy of the setlist off the stage.

Big Grin

Numer 2 is definatley me at a chisel concert!

From experience, # 3 worked for me because we had a chat to the security guys up the front before the show. Being front row helped and the fact we had some good natured security guys was a bonus. We didnt even ask for the set lists, they just got them for us. the geeky note pad seemed to impress them.
#2 & #3 completed Big Grin

Gav and Camus you're both on the money, and I was wishing really hard for some older stuff, hell I yelled out enough requests, but they just wanted to get through this here setlist (Tim's) sitting on my computer desk.
26 songs played.
Noel was absolutely MAGNIFICO !! He's a deadset legend. Seemed to be doing triple duties. Three of them had turns on the piano. Noel had a go at the guitar as well. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What?? No request for Hair 'n Pants report??
I am shocked!! Eeker

Well, every good geek needs an anorak, with slightly modified leiderhosen, that has been specially fitted with a fold-down table with small itty-bitty type book light. On the fold-down table, one places the spiral notepad, the selection of pens, because one invariably "does not work" at the vital moment. Left pocket of anorak has thick lens'd reading glasses, & the right hand pocket of anorak has a small model train, just to remind you of your real hobby. Sadly Geeks never seem to end up with set lists, but rather end up pushed to the back of the Pack.
Failing that, an indication of general vibe between the band, sound quality. The brand of desk used by the FOH Engineer, & his brand of sneeker, & choice of cola.
& if you could possibly jot down the hallmarks on Noel's Spoon's that would be great also.

Finally, have a fantastic time (not like you won't, a der Roll Eyes). & don't do anything that i wouldn't do, but as you don't know what i would & wouldn't do, go for your life.
*N.B. I would not wear an anorak to a Split Enz Concert Ever. Nor thermal underwear, unless i was in Iceland & they happened to be touring whilst i was there, not an impossibility, but a slight improbablility*.

Enjoy, sing loud, applaude enthusiasticly, chear, whistle, & stamp feet for more encores! & see if you can't keep them there all night. Big Grin
Oh, & one last thing. Report back imdediately post concert.
I mean, you did ask, right? Smiler

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