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I am CONSTANTLY listening to unknown music - through, iuma, etc., and i so rarely hear anything i want to listen to for more than a few bars.
i have now run through ALL of your songs.
i keep liking one better than the last.
love your voice, the moods you draw.
the instrumentation is always so well matched to the lyrics.
you have that "it", ya know - that feel it as well as know it "it".
would be interested to know what equipment and instruments you're using for recording - particularly the vocal effects.
thanks for sharing.
i've bookmarked your site and will anxiously await new tunes.
thank you so much for giving me something lovely this evening....
Wow - thank you for your comments, much appreciated Smiler

They are all old songs, written from when I started out in 1998 until about 2000. Apart from "Across The Ocean", which I re-recorded recently, they were all done on a 4-track with an acoustic (cheap 2nd hand one on "Forgotten Day" & "As It Calls" and then a Yamaha electro on "She's Still There"). I might have done some things on a cheap keyboard too.
They were all recorded completely dry and then I put the songs on the computer and added some reverb to them. Thats why its a bit strong at times - I didn't have much control over it Smiler

Since then I've added some more instruments to my set-up and updated to a 16-track, which is what I used for "Across The Ocean". I'm currently in the process of going through a lot of my old stuff and re-recording it before I write anything new. Should have another one up in the next week actually.

Thanks again for listening.

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