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Time to get this off my chest Wink

I have never met Neil, Tim, Nick, Paul, Split Enz or any of the artists and personnel who we discuss here on the Forum. I've had the opportunity to do it a couple of times, but never took the chance. Neil (for example)is well-known for being accessible and hanging around at the stage door afterwards to sign autographs, CDs, chat to fans and receive all the plaudits and adulation etc, which I've no doubt he quite enjoys. I've been to his concerts several times but decided to go home after the show finished rather than hang round waiting awkwardly for him to scribble something unrecognisable on a bit of paper and hand it back to me while I blabbed on about how I liked his new CD etc. Bet he's never had that conversation before Roll Eyes

I have no desire to meet him or any of the artists whose music I like, simply I think that meeting them spoils the myth. I have an image in my head (gathered from years of listening to song lyrics, reading interviews) etc of what the stars are like and I've always felt that if I met someone and they weren't quite what I was expecting, I would be disappointed and a little bit of the magic and mystique would be lost because of it. He might be wondeful and charming, he might be a prat. I'd rather not know and keep guessing.

I like to think of him as the writer of all those terrific songs, and I don't want to be his friend or invite him round for tea. His autograph would mean about as much to me as mine would to him. Would he be excited about meeting ME? Don't think so. But why SHOULDN'T he be?

He owes me nothing. I owe him nothing. He produces music that I like and I liisten to it. I don't want to talk about his family life, his hairstyle, his thoughts, his fears etc because he's entitled to a bit of space to BE HIMSELF, not to be my 'hero'. I'm here just for one thing...the music. As long as he's producing it, i'll be listening but I won't be chasing after him after the gig. I don't think it makes me any less of an admirer of him for feeling this way, and yes - I do feel grateful to have HAD the chance when so many others haven't.

I'm not out to knock anyone (especially any Forum people) for being a fanatical fan, and this post is not meant to be inflammatory, it's just to see what opinions people have...I love anyone who has a strong interest in any subject. I'll just be at the back of the queue for webchats and smalltalk with the man himself. I do collect his music and videos, purely because I like his music, think he's hugely talented and deserves a wider audience.

Whew. Back to normal now. My first and probably last rant on this Forum.
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Here's my two cents about this: I totally agree with you Anselm. I think if you don't want to meet any of these people I can see your point about not wanting to spoil the myth.
The thing that is great about this forum is that I think everyone here seems to be very respectful about all the artists. I don't think or at least I hope no one would ever invade someone's personal space.
I say if Neil or who ever is having a meet and greet or a record store appearance or is making themselves available after a show, and you want to meet them and shake their hand you should go for it. That is why they are doing it after all, because they know fans will get a kick out of it.
I don't think it's about an artist "owing" their fans, I think it is about the natural interplay that goes on between an artist and their fans. Sometimes the artist get something out of it too! Personally, I don't really need an autograph but it does give you a reason to be standing in front of them if you are too shy or in awe to talk (like me!)
Luckily my experience meeting Neil (I use the term "meet" very loosely because I didn't really say anything) was very pleasant. It was a meet and greet event so that's what he was doing. I thought it was so cool to be that close to him, that's all. Neil sent out good "vibes" that day, and he seemed happy to be there and it didn't appear to be a chore for him. Did it change my life? No, but it was just cool, that's all. It made me happy!
Unless it was around his concert venue or one of those meet and greet things, I would never bother him. I hope that the people here would feel that way too, I would never want to invade on his privacy, I don't think that's right.
I also think that we only know as much about Neil here as he tells us. Even though I "met" him, he is still a mystery to me. I don't personally know him and I never will. There is a public person and a private person after all - we see the public person when we meet him for his autograph or when he is on stage.
And as far as the clothes and the hair-style thing goes, I wouldn't read too much into that Anselm. That's what girls do! (though feel free to disagree ladies) Women talk about what other women are wearing too. We can't really help ourselves talking about those things - we think Neil is "cute". That doesn't mean anything more than that. Smiler Wink
A while ago, I was a buyer for a chain of music stores in the states, this position got me a lot of access to go backstage or go to parties, etc., and earlier than that I worked in music stores as a manager. After a few very unpleasant experiences meeting "rock stars" I decided to skip meeting folks. It was mostly me embarrassing myself. IE; Me to Peter Himmelman, "What's it like having Bob Dylan for a father in law?" Peter H- "What do you think it's like?" Me, "Uh...". It's just that I usually stammer something about how I love their music, like that's original. But if someone else wants to meet them, that's OK by me. I see nothing wrong with that, as long as you're not a stalker.

That being said, I know several folks who have met Tim, Neil, Paul and/or Nick, and all have commented on how gracious they were.
I've been thinking about this a bit myself too.
It's purely academic at the moment since I have never seen CH or Neil perform live.

After buying One All and listening to it continuously for days I was inspired to do a lot of things (like join this forum) and my once passionate love of music was rekindled. I even took up my pen again (after about 10 years) a started writing poems and songs. I wrote one 'for ' Neil becasue of that inspiration.

There was another thread on here a while ago 'if you could ask Neil one question.....' and I had a think (although I didn't reply) and lots of things went through my head (including 'would you like to come to my house for a decent cup of tea and a chat?' Smiler ) but in the end I came to the similar conclusions as you. Now the only thing I think I would and could say is simply, 'thank you'.

What I think it is, is that I would really like to have a friend who loves music as much as I do, who is interesting and a bit unusual and who could play, sing and laugh with me. A friend like Neil (or my idea of Neil), but not Neil himself.

On a different note, I once shared a Tube elevator with comedian Alexi Sayle. I wasn't sure it was him until after he walked off....I probably would have said something stupid like 'It's Harry the B**tard !!' or 'heard any good jokes lately?' and then spent the rest of the year feeling like a prat, so just as well really ! Wink
Thanks Siren for a great response...nice to know I'm not alone in the world! Just to reiterate, Neil's music has inspired me, and I wish I could songs as cleverly as he does...but he has the talent, not me Wink

In fact thanks to all who've responded, I've enjpyed reading your thoughts and opinions - nice to see a bit of semi-critical debate without anyone getting upset!

I totally understand people when they say they don't want to meet their heroes, cause I can see how it could change how you see people. I guess all you need is to catch them when they're really tired or something, and it could mess up the images you have of them in your head.

I met Neil last year and I am glad I did, I know I would've kicked myself if I hadn't. I'd had an email from him and all I really wanted to do was say hi and thank you to him, and when he was checking how to spell my name he remembered mailing me, and said he was glad I was there and everything, and I just thanked him. So that was really nice.

I guess it's just a really personal thing. I'm not a fanatic or anything, at the moment there's music and people I'm into alot more. But I can see how it could turn out a bad thing.

Hmmmmm, I don't really have any heroes. Closest thing to a hero I have would probably be my mom. I don't get into the whole celebrity thing. There are people I like. But no one I can think of that I'd make any sort of effort to *meet*.

I met Ashley MacIsaac once at an in-store performance at Tower Records in Boston. I didn't go to meet him though, I went to see him perform. I was there early and so was right up front. He shook some people's hands and what-not when he was through performing. So I shook his hand and said hi, and told him I enjoyed the performance, basically I acted how I would in meeting any stranger. [oddly I got the impression that he was cruising me, because he did chat me up a bit, but I didn't get all excited about it, and he seemed to lose interest, weird, no?]

As for Neil or any other members of Crowded House. I really have no desire to meet them. I appreciate Neil's music but I don't really know anything about him. If it were possible to *meet* music, I'd rather meet his music then him (that be weird, eh). If I met him through a friend of a friend or was at a place he was I'd shake his hand, say hi, maybe saying something about a song I like or that I like his work in general. That's it. I can't see myself ever going out of my way to talk to him though. I probably could have hung out after the show here in New York, but my feet hurt, I wanted to go home, screw meeting anyone!

EDITED to add:
I looked up Ashley MacIsaac's website to be sure I was spelling his name right, so after I posted this I decided to look around a bit.. Turns out he was born a year to the day after me [now you can all find out when my birthday is, you have a while to shop, I wear a medium Big Grin ]
I totally see your point Anselm. I don't take it as a slam against anyone here. Autographs seem like a very odd thing when you think about it, what does a scribbled name on a piece of paper mean?

I, as you probably know, would love to meet Neil. I hope to someday, and I hope I can keep it together and sound coherent when I do. I know that I could possibly be disappointed, that it might shatter some illusion I have about Neil (the man or the artist)...but maybe it won't. Maybe he will be even better than I had imagined. Either way, I feel like I would be okay. I'm old enough to not be surprised by too much these days, and I'd rather experience things and possiby be disillusioned than avoid things to keep some notion alive in my head. This is not a slam on you or anyone else, Anselm, this is just my opinion.

Just two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet the author Dave Eggers and have him sign my copy of his latest book. That morning, I got into a little spat with my husband and was just too crabby to leave the house for awhile. My friend took both of our copies to the book-signing and in mine Dave wrote: "Grace, stop being crabby, you missed all the joy!" I gotta say, autographs don't mean much to me but that inscription makes my day every time I look at it. And it was a good message to me to stop letting small things get me down to the point where I miss out on the little joys in life.

Back on the subject of Neil, though. I think that every artist, consciously or unconsciously, reveals part of him or herself his their work. I think it's impossible to make good work and NOT put some of yourself into it. So it stands to reason that someone who listens to a lot of Neil's music does know, on some level, some of what Neil is about. Maybe not details, and maybe only one facet of his personality, but something, you know?

I'm not saying this in a creepy, stalker kinda way. I don't KNOW Neil any better than the rest of you, and I certainly would never invade his personal space or private life without being invited. I'm simply saying that I feel attracted to the side of his personality that he reveals in his art. And if I were somehow given the opportunity to connect with him as a friend or acquaintance, I would definitely seize that opportunity. When I'm in situations where I am surrounded by people whom I think are really creative, talented and intelligent, there's a an energy in the air that is extremely inspiring and invigorating to me. So if Neil ever wanted to join me and my friends in a game of "exquisite corpse" at my studio, BRING IT ON. I am up for anything!

And yes, I'll admit I sometimes indulge in a little bit of "he looked awfully cute in those cords" or whatever Big Grin but I agree with Jenn, it's just harmless fun. He's very cute, has a winning smile and an engaging stage presence. I don't put much stock in any of those posts. Ultimately my interest in meeting him is really about how amazed I am by his creative endeavours.

Now if I could only get myself to actually meet him and not make an a** of myself. Wink
I understand and appreciate what you all are saying. To a certain extent i agree.

Sometimes my friends must think I stalk Neil around the time he about to release new material, etc. Razzer - so yes, I am a big fan. But as far as meeting him, I felt I needed to, and did feel I owed him a Thank You for his music. That was just my opinion though.

Like many people, Neil's music has gotten me through some really rough times. I listen to a lot of other music of different kinds, but nothing else I played eased my mind when I needed it like his material.

Now on the occaisions I did get to meet Neil, I didn't tell him any of that story or anything. I just told him it was a pleasure to meet him, and thanked him for the music (in about that many words), and he "Thanks, I appreciate that" and signed my ticket. This last tour I really felt it was appropriate that I get him to sign his lyric book.

I never want his signature because it'd be worth any money, but just because it's a reminder to me of a helluva concert.

There have been times it's been uncomfortable, and a little awkward seeing what some people say to him. One time after a show as people were waiting in line to meet him, this woman in front of me just broke down into tears, telling Neil that her husband had been a huge fan, and had just passed away from Cancer months ago. She felt she needed to come see the show for him, and tell Neil what his music meant to her husband. It broke my heart, and Neil was surely not ready for that. He comforted her for a minute or two, and I just had to turn away. What can you say to the man after he experienced that? Frowner

The latest show I went to, a girl had written a book about him, and gave him a copy. It was HUGE. She was explaining to him what music to listen to when reading certain parts of it and all. I thought wow, all that just seemed a little extreme to me.

I brought some friends to that show, and it was good for them to see someone a little more gung ho than me. Big Grin More importantly to me though was that my friends understood after the show why I enjoy Neils music so much, and they were just as excited as I was to shake the man's hand and meet him.

I've left with a smile on my face each time after meeting Neil, and having the opportunity to thank an artist that I truly admire. He has always genuinely thanked me back for being a fan, and not looked thru me like some celebrities do. That means something to me.

(Sorry for my rant) Wink
Anselm, not only can I appreciate your position, but it's one I also held for a long time. I had heard stories about one or the other of the Finns being in a bad mood and getting irritated at fans, and I also thought I'd have nothing original to say, and didn't want to find out that one or the other of the guys was really a butt-head in real life because then it'd mean I couldn't appreciate the music as much...HOWEVER (as everyone knows, ad nauseum), over time as far as the Finns are concerned, once I was actually faced with the prospect, in BOTH cases, I reversed myself bigtime. Neil and Tim were both (thankfully) very, very cool.

I worked at a major radio station for 3 years, where there were always major celebrities visiting. It was to the point where most of the folks who worked there didn't think it was that big a deal. But to me, even in the course of my job, I got star-struck more than once, having nearly fallen onto an elevator packed with radio women, once my receptionist buddy e-mailed us that Ritchie Sambora was in the lunchroom! That time, I was one of the lucky ones who remembered to keep my mouth shut, but a co-worker blurted out "Your wife has really nice skin, what does she use on her face?" (Needless to say, he hadn't a clue...)

The other funny radio station/celebrity story from thsoe days was the time I was in the elevator, and there was this guy in the elevator with me who I really felt threatened being in an elevator with because he was unclean, disheveled, had the worst body odor I'd ever smelled, and looked like he was hopped up on something. Now, it's typical when working at a staion that crazy listeners show up every once in awhile...and there's a stock procedure we follow to deal with that. So, I went to the receptionist and told her about the guy on the elevator and to engage the security procedure...and she starts howling. I'm like, what's so funny? And she says, that's Kid Rock. I'm like, WHO? She says Kid Rock. I'm like, um, should I know who that is? And she holds up the cover of a magazine (like SPIN or Rolling Stone) that he's on the current cover of...

Bono was a letdown. Short, bad-smelling, and too hung over to act like his usual intelligent and articulate self. Gene Loves Jezebel...perverts who commented on my breasts. Anne Rice, pretty accommodating even though we'd been asked not to speak to her...she saw me standing toward the back (coincidentally, wearing the same outfit as she was that day, and I even look a little like her...) and said I could talk to her. I asked her what her advice is to young writers and her answer was really cool: "Find your own voice and use it no matter how unusual it matter how dark or how maniacal."

[To the lady who had asked Peter what it's like to have Bob Dylan as a father-in-law, had he asked me "What do you THINK it's like," I would have said "Probably easier to toss him a joint to distract him from mumbling things to you that you can't understand." lol]
Wow, great thread!

I wrote for an anti-censorship newspaper for a while and had the chance to meet/interview Perry Farrell. He is one of my fav. artists and the experience was a little odd, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I think there is something to be said about meeting celeb's. It kinda makes them real to you rather than just a voice on a cd, or a face on a movie screen. It proves that they are just normal people like you and I. Personally, I'd like to meet as many of my "heros" as possible. Perhaps some of their greatness would rub off on me!? Smiler

One person I'd REALLY love to meet would be Gary Oldman. Anyone else an Oldman fan?
I'm in the "meeters" camp, but I agree that autographs are distracting. Whenever we have a chance to express appreciation for things large and small, that's lucky. When it comes to a guy who's a brilliant musician, of whom I've been a fan many years, whose shows I so enjoy - well I was just really pleased to shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoy his music. And Neil was everything gracious.

For anybody afraid of going goofy - this is a classic tip and a good one: Focus on the other person. Make them comfortable - express appreciation. Really listen. Don't try to be clever - being unself-conscious and genuinely interested in others is way more fetching.
Very good thread, Anslem. And great point, Jane. If someone chooses to meet their heroes, the attitude/vibe they go in with is very important. The full story of my "meeting my heroes" is something I'm working on. It's very interesting, and rather amazing how it all "became orchestrated" for me, as if by a divine hand, and didn't have any of the negative elements that so many "meeting ones heroes" stories do. When I finish it I'll post it somewhere on the net for interested parties to read. For those who didn't read it yet, here's the "short version" which I listed in my first post to this forum (before I changed my name):

Originally posted by shecameallthewayfromamerica:
Hi all. I was a fan about half a lifetime ago... around the "Enz of an Era" era. Man, time flies. Yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Comforting thought, to be sure. I was 15 when I willed of the Universe a placement in Australia as an exchange student... all because I HAD to meet split enz. I was placed in Adelaide... thankfully a little too far from Melbourne to have had any success as a teen-stalker (lol). And it was a great year altogether.

Well, surprisingly, I DID end up getting to meet my heroes--along with the very sweet, funny Peter Green--not that they would remember or anything, but... They were really nice guys, and so normal that I was able to get over the OCD phase of my fandom. *phew*

Over the years I've often thought how hard it would be to accept being famous, and moreso, how hard it would be to be nice to everyone who needed you to be... well, these guys really came through for me. It's so good to see that they're still touching people ("good touches, not bad" lol) after all this time.

So, I came all the way from America... and they weren't mean to me. Hence the name, and the sweet nostalgic twinge I get from hearing that song.
Although "my story" has the very best possible outcome, that doesn't change the fact that, after all's said and done, it was something of an "non-event," and actually became something I looked back upon for years as somewhat silly and embarrassing. LOL.

The way I see it, a fan chasing after a meeting with their hero is very much like a dog chasing after a car. It's an adventure, very fun, exhilirating, etc. --but what would happen if the dog actually caught the car? The dog could be flattened, either literally or figuratively. For example, the real car won't be the size, shape or flavor he imagined, won't likely be happy to meet him (lol) and there will be no victory in it, since a car can not be dominated, eaten or in any way otherwise influenced by the dog. Best case scenario: when he reaches the car another dog will jump out and become his friend! LOL.

To put it another way, what does a fan (of the variety with the highest hopes)who goes out to meet their "famous hero" really want to happen? That said hero should drop everything in recognition of their "superior fandom" and invite them to become a permanent sidekick from there on out? That he'll teach them to play music and become a star, too? And even if that did happen, wouldn't one, after awhile, need to get back to the business of living their own life rather than somebody else's? Either way, the dream/fantasy would be over... and there is NO WAY the reality will be anything like as beautiful as a song. As Kill Eye said, If it were possible to *meet* my favorite song, I'd rather do that. Smiler

As for "meeting Split Enz" again, would I seek out that opportunity? Sure, if the context was right, but my only aim there would be to show support, give encouragement, "return the favor" of the blessings they have given me over the years. And if they weren't in a mood or circumstance in which they could appreciate my gratitude, then, frankly, the best gift I could offer would be to stay out of the way and let them live their life as peacefully as possible--that, and "voting with my money" when I buy their records, see their shows, etc. Wink

We always have to keep in mind that fame can really suck(!) and that a person like Neil Finn is extremely gracious and unusually appreciative of his fans. That's a truly greatthing, and it's the very most any of us can expect from any "star."

Therefore, to conclude my essay (lol), after having lived out the greatest possible outcome in "meeting my heroes" at age 15--when, as you can imagine, I had all kinds of wonderful and creative ideas about how it "might've gone" (lol)--I strongly feel that the most there is to be had from "fandom" is the connection between people who are attracted to the same "heroes"... i.e. befriending Neil Finn would be cool for us all, but becoming friends with each other is likely to be far more rewarding (also takes some of the pressure off the poor guy - lol).
We went to London to see Neil and to kill time during the afternoon we went on the London eye. After coming off there we walked passed some seats and did a double take Eeker as Neil was sat on one of them with a woman (not sure if it was Sharon or Lisa Germano, probably Sharon). They were watching the boats on the river and looking at the Houses of Parliament. Smiler

Did I bother him? Nope - I've no desire to make a complete prat of myself with my best goldfish impression and ruin his time off into the bargin.

Would I meet him again if I had the chance? No, I've an image of how I think people are like, I've no need to find out their fave colours, food etc or personal details. Neil provides me with great music for a backdrop to my life, it's upto me what I chose to use it for.
I'm happy that I get to see him live in concert now and again. Sometimes anonymity is better than notoriety. Wink

(Although I've met PG (he was manning the merchandise stall with Elroy and I had to chose between them as to who to inflict the goldfish impression on!! Red Face ) Thanks PG for tolerating a Welsh goldfish. Big Grin )
You won't believe it - gawwwwwd!
I was shopping in Cologne all alone, all boring walking along the street with my bags, it was raining, miserable weather just like the other days and I was actually quite pleased having found some nice shoes. For me and as it was quite late already I decided to get something to eat. There's this pizzeria in the center, I don't know its name but I've been there already, not for ages but I thought a pizza wouldn't be that bad after all that walking and carrying my stuff through the city.
I went in and passed the restaurant to the bar to ask for a table for me alone. The waiter just wanted to show me a nice table and I started to follow him when I saw this man sitting there with an elderly blonde woman with permawaved hair on a table, having an argument. I don't see that well because of my bad eyes so first thing I thought was "****, you know that voice" and went on thinking I was nuts. A few steps later Something in my mind went *bing* and imagine a little lamp getting bright above Silke's little dumb head. I walk back to "see if I lost something on the floor" - ha I'm so tricky - to have a look at that guy again and JESUS - it's Ralph Fiennes!
I go on following the waiter to my table, looking all cool but inside I'm like "WHOOOOOOOOOOAHHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" - ahem - you know me.... I could see him from my place, his back and the side of his face. He was eating ravioli with spinach-cheese sauce, weird huh? Having a white wine with it. He looked great eating it, I thought it was staring that he didn't cut cheese big raviolis in two pieces, took each of them in his mouth while talking. Well...
I didn't understand what they were talking about, I guess it was about promotion for something which was why he was in Cologne that day. He wore a beige shirt and light grey trousers... Quite posh... Old people's wear in a way, I thought.
Thing was, I was nearly getting mad of luck on my little table, God, there are few celebs that have the same status as Ralph - he's constantly spending his time as pin-up on my walls since Schindler's list and I totally fancy him. He's so handsome, clever and cultivated - he has style! Unbelievable that this man was a punk, hehe! I've read his bio and in certain points we developed similarly, like musically... very comparable tastes through all stages!

They were talking about him being at the Harald Schmidt show together with another actress and he was very angry about this, he said, he couldn't do this and was talking about his tight schedule and all... Alex.. hmm, wasn't Alex his wife - his ex-wife now? Anyway, he didn't seem to be so very much feeling like I should get there and ask for a signature...

I ordered A salad instead of a pizza because, if I didn't get a signature today - when would be another time to try, thought the salad was crap and rather had the bread that came with it. Hell, Ralph Fiennes sitting no 3metres away from me. A miracle that I could eat ANYTHING! My heart felt like it was about to hop out of my ears every moment. Gaaaahhh! I tried to find my mobile to send Beate an SMS telling her that my ****ing wish was just becoming true, that he was there and that he seemed so much smaller than on the big screen but was even more handsome than there - his eyes muuuch bluer and that his hair looked great and not that "about to be baldy" like on photos I've seen. But sure, exactly in these moments you notice that your mobile is at home, lying on your table because the akku is damaged and you couldn't use it for days... AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
Imagine me on that table, completely helpless, that absolute dream of a man 2 tables away and me in an urge to TALK to ****ing talk and tell somebody. In myself a huge lot of words and I only sit there and bite my bread and nip my diet coke. I am so bloody sensible!
You think?
No I'm not, actually I got up and went to the toilet to check if there was a telephone passing Ralph and Blondie, walking down the stairs and thank god there was one. But and argh, disaster No.2 - no coins. I asked waitresses who passed if they could maybe give me coins but nothing. I knew there were some in my jacket but how silly to walk up again, passing him again, get out coins and walk down again... I thought that would look pretty silly so I went up again, frustrated and got back to my table. The front view on him was even better - sure. Oh god, he is just so gorgeous!
When the hell do things like this happen, huh? I was so excited, I was sooo excited! I remember every detail of being in that restaurant, the walls and the hormones in my body. No that I type it down I get all excited again! This is ultimate happiness, a feeling of total luck. Can't imagine a better feeling! It's not so much about meeting Ralph Fiennes, it's about me having the incredible luck to have a great wish of mine fulfilled, to live in a dream after all the years of nightmares.

When he was leaving the restaurant, without Blondie by the way, I stood up and asked politely from far below (I felt like this though he wasn't sooo much taller than me - maybe 10cm I guess...) if he'd sign something for me. He was VERY pissed off, shaking his head, then staring at the ceiling shortly, making a face first, looking at me, smiling - but rather in a polite than an honest way - and saying it wasn't my fault that this was a bad moment. He ripped a piece of paper out of his little book and asked "What's your name girl" which made me grin and inside I tried not to giggle.
"Silke. S-I-L-K-E, but if you're in a hurry you really don't need to it's only..."
"Nah, it's allright, it's allright - did you like your meal?", looking at my salad that had rather faded away already.
"No, not really, the bread was kind of OK though" *insert stupid laughter of Silke here*
*stupid laughter of Mr. Fiennes who's writing on the little sheet*
"OK, Silkeeee *smiles* have a nice day, was a pleasure to meet you!" *hands me out the sheet*
I took the sheet with my left hand, smiled and thanked, said that it was great to meet him here and that this must be a dream.
"I'm afraid, it's not, bye!" *laughs and sticks out his right hand*
I took his hand, shaked and then he turned around and went through the restaurant, through the door of glass and waved for a taxi outside. I caught myself staring at him. All AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH inside! I was still standing like paralyzed when a taxi stopped and he got in. MYYY WHAT A LUCK!!!
When I was getting back to my table I noticed his little book still being on the table next to the point we talked. Sure I went back and picked it up to give it to the blonde woman that was still sitting there with an angry look and drinking her wine.
I knew this would be bad but I simply had to have a look into it before bringing it back to her. It was like a little book with lots of notes and sketches and ideas and the weird thing was it wasn't completely in English. There was a little bit about a dog, like a cartoon - that was in German. I thought that was pretty strange. I went through that book and he had even done poems in a kind of bad German and I thought it was pretty weird that he speaks German... The waitress came over and asked if this was the book of the gentlemen and if she should bring it back to that lady and I was still kind of confused mumbling "Sure, sure... but hmm... I'm only wondering why there are German bits in this book?"
"Oh that's pretty easy to explain, you know, this is a dream!"
"You're kidding!! You must be kidding!"
"No it's true, this is a dream Silke, ha ha!"

My way of meeting people is mostly rather accidental. I treat them with all honesty, politeness and respect as I would treat anyone that I hadrly know and there are very few (like Ralph Fiennes, ahem) that I would ever disturb out of disrespectful ego reasons.

I am extroverted and i don't see why I should talk to celebreties in a moment in which I would have talked to pretty much everybody else as well.
I like creative and intelligent people - my friends are also that way. So sure... well if you like pigeons you get to know other people who breed them, if you collect stamps you get to know other stamp collectors.

So sure, if you work in the media and honestly like music, sure you get to know and might get along well with people with the same love to that. The posibility that people whose music you like aren't so very different to yourself in certain ways is rather possible, isn't it? I don't say stalk them, I say treat them as you would treat everybody else too.
Sure I get all excited too when i meet people but there are different ways to get excited. I am hionest and tell them but in a way that makes sure I am not a complete weirdo.

I don't need to meet Neil. He's too old to be my "friend" anyway- I hardly ever hang out with people in his age. I'd say Hi maybe, I love his music after all, I might have a chat but it wouldn'tbe about Argh, my - you are the very coolest for me! or the like...

I know people being older them him even but they have really great characters and you know, it was them being active to be my friends not the other way round.

I'll always be myself so if I feel like going "AH OH MY GOD IT'S YOU!!!" - I would be like that. I would. Propably this would never happen.

Three things guide me through all my behaviour towrds people I don't know - no matter if I like them or not:

That counts for everybody.
Interesting thread...

The only musicians I've met are (a) the Toronto musician Big Rude Jake whose website I used to run, and (b) Andy White. In both cases I would have to say that all in all we really didn't have anything in common to talk about (even with Jake, oh well). But Andy was quite gracious and signed my CDs including his signature smiley faces, so that was pretty cool.
Originally posted by jane:
[qb]I was so pleased to have met Margaret Cho at Largo. [/qb]
Man! Yet another reason to HATE that I missed that show!! LOL Plus more proof that Neil Finn attracts the world's coolest fans!!

Jane, I'm pretty sure that if I met Margaret Cho I'd have a hard time not sticking my hand out and saying, "Hah mah nayme is Gwi-yun; Ahm hyear da woRsh yore vah-jah-nah." LOL! Wonder how that would go over? Roll Eyes
It's my fate to meet only minor celebrities - Who knows Huell Howser of KCET (LA public TV fame)? but that makes it more important to me to express thanks - You're not toiling in obscurity! I know you!!

I think a sincere expression of appreciation is never out of place - whether it's the video store clerk or Sir Elton John.
I have to say I don't go out of my way to meet meetings have been by accident - kind of! I have been lucky enough to meet 3 people in the last months whose music I love - Chris Difford, Paul Carrack and Elvis Costello. It isn't all important to me that I do meet them - nor do I kid myself that they will remember me! However, it does make my day!!! But again, I have not met a 'star' who has been rude (maybe I should say aloof?) or not in the mood to chat to a fan, perhaps if Chris Difford had not stopped in the street to chat I would have been gutted!!! So I say go with your heart - if you want to take the risk destroying the image of your hero say hi to never know, they may just be nice to you! But don't blame me if they are having a bad day! But in my experience 3 out of 3 ain't bad!!!!!!! Ali Big Grin
yeah - good point.

but i'd also have to agree with....i think it was jenn?
when the opportunity comes up to meet a hero, or just a musician you'd like to compliment, i try to take it.
case in point - neil finn's gig at the fillmore in san francisco this past july. not only did i get a chance to talk to neil, but also johnny marr, whom i've LONG admired and have wanted to shake hands with. we exchanged few words, and i kinda blushed when he remarked that i "knew all the songs." as a life-long smiths fan, it was just one of those things you could tell other smiths enthusiasts, and they would understand.

but yes
there's absoutely nothing wrong with just enjoying the music.
and i admit that there was one time when i was slightly dissapointed after meeting a particular musician i admired. and that was because i had a particular notion of what this person would be like...and i'd heard stories of how nice this person was to their fans. but i guess that only really pertained to the truly fanatically hardcore fans, of which i was not.

all the same - much thanks for your input!!

yeah - good point.

but i'd also have to agree with....i think it was jenn?
when the opportunity comes up to meet a hero, or just a musician you'd like to compliment, i try to take it.
case in point - neil finn's gig at the fillmore in san francisco this past july. not only did i get a chance to talk to neil, but also johnny marr, whom i've LONG admired and have wanted to shake hands with. we exchanged few words, and i kinda blushed when he remarked that i "knew all the songs." as a life-long smiths fan, it was just one of those things you could tell other smiths enthusiasts, and they would understand.

but yes
there's absoutely nothing wrong with just enjoying the music.
and i admit that there was one time when i was slightly dissapointed after meeting a particular musician i admired. and that was because i had a particular notion of what this person would be like...and i'd heard stories of how nice this person was to their fans. but i guess that only really pertained to the truly fanatically hardcore fans, of which i was not.

all the same - much thanks for your input!!


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