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K, I thought this could be an interesting/fun topic:

What medical oddity can you boast (and keep it clean, please!)? Do you have an extra toe on one foot? One brown eye and one blue eye? Born with one kidney?

My three oddities:

My normal body temperature is one degree lower than most people's...97.6. If I have a temperature of 98.6, I have a fever!?!?!

Chicken pox and mononucleosis are two diseases you are theoretically only supposed to contract once...I've had both of them twice, and therefore am not permitted to donate blood!?!?!

My daughter and I have matching birthmarks on our left hips!?!?!
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missing tooth. no root. nothing. had to have braces to move my upper teeth around to fill up the space.

that and a metabolic rate that's so absurd if i don't eat every 4 hours or so i can find myself incapacitated, crying, in a fetal position on the floor if i can't get to food. if i wake up in the middle of the night, i often can't get back to sleep without eating. i keep Arrowroot cookies, crackers, chocolates and whatnot on the night stand. my husband has half-jokingly suggested a dorm-room type fridge for the bedroom. i have to bring food with me everywhere. my friends think it's hilarious. i find it a pain in the arse.
I have no little toe on my left foot, i was born with one though, but it got cut off, doctors found it in my shoe, well it kinda fell out when they took my shoe off. Eeker LOL!!!

I have double jointed thumbs, which means i can turn them around so they are facing the opposite way of my fingers, one of my toes is also double jointed.

Hmmmm. Kill Eye, I'm not gonna pretend that the "roll my tongue" thing didn't immediately grab my attention to this thread. Wink Cool

However, my weird, or original "thing" is that I have a loose piece of cartilage on the right side of my neck. Doctors over my childhood thought it might need to be removed, but it was never necessary. It's not even noticeable, and just one of those things I never think about.

Other then that, I got some oddball sicknesses as a kid. A pretty scary case of Scarlet Fever, Osteomyelitis (a bone or bone marrow infection), and a blocked salivary gland that still acts up on occaision.
'Gross alert' before you read this; sorry in advance.

I was born with a Hiatus Hernia which pretty much translates to a bit of my stomach is coming up my throat.....It was hard for me to keep things down as a baby and apparently I used to frequently spew over people when they picked me up.
I do still get acute heatburn occassionally, but it has given me the impressive ability to vomit parabolically Cool
what the...

i had chicken pox twice as well, ages 3 and 12.
no one told me i couldn't donate blood!

lemme think....
well, i was a premature baby, which resulted in a couple of odd things. because i was 3.5 months early (weighed 2 pounds), my stomach and left inner ear were not yet fully developed, so they kept me in an incubator for about three months.
then they left me go home. shortly thereafter i became ill to the point of near death (lost a pound in the process), so they stuck me back in the incubator for three more months.

i think it's pretty astounding what that hospital did, not having experienced the technonogical advancements they do now. that place now houses a state of the art neo-natal center, instead of just sticking us wacko premies in ICU all the time. i like to think i contributed to that somehow.

at the age of three i had to have surgery in my ear. and for a while i was having stomach problems, up until about age 8.

but, i'm completely normal now.
(i hope?)

Ooh, I thought of another wierd thing!

My body rejected a freckle. Apparently, all freckles are a form of skin cancer in so much as they are abnormal cell growth. Usually your body doesn't care because freckles don't represent a big threat. But every so often (actually quite rarely according to my doctor) your body, for whatever reason will get angry at a particular freckle and attack it as a foriegn invader. Over the course of a decade a white ring formed around one freckle on my back and my body slowly destroyed it.

Cool huh?

EDIT: Doh, my 500th post is about freckle warfare. How lame!
Well my sister had 6 toes on one foot which was pretty odd....

Me? I have factor 5 lydon which is a condition which affects the clotting factor in my blood. If I go on long haul flights/break a limb/ get pregnant etc I have to inject myself with heparin twice a day Roll Eyes

When I was 12 wks pregnant I was knocked over by a speeding cyclist and ended up with 2 broken bones in my foot so it was double trouble! It's funny how I got so use to the needles.

I never went near a hospital until I was 16. I was bragging about the fact actually.....and then I fractured my skull ...... 8 wks after that I had appendicitus (shouldn't brag then)

Although I am only 35 I suffer from attacks of arthritis.

Oh and like Grace I am a surviving twin (it was thought my mum miscarried). I had spooky dreams about being chased by someone who looked just like me for years and told my mother. When she told me about my twin I was pretty shocked.....but the dreams stopped.

I think that's it........... Big Grin
Originally posted by Siren:
I was born with a Hiatus Hernia which pretty much translates to a bit of my stomach is coming up my throat.....[/qb]
Siren, my husband had surgery last July to correct a Hiatel hernia...according to his doctors, even if you don't have heartburn symptoms, the acid from your stomach can lead to Barrett's disease in your esophagus - which can cause cancer of the esophagus. He's doing great after the surgery....just thought I should share that it is correctable with minimal risks (especially considering the surgery is to a major organ like your stomach!)...

Damn, Abby, that had to suck!!!

(*hands Abby a big bottle of calamine lotion and gets back on topic...*)

I have a few minor oddities.

I cannot do the "thumbs up" with my right hand, since an operation on it when I was 16 (prior to that the thumb actually bent back so much when I did the "thumbs-up" that people used to pull "eew, gross" faces at me...) I have a few other joint oddities in my fingers, and a look around my family tree would suggest bad genes being to blame.

I am longsighted, have a depth perception problem, and an eye which turns inwards - I jokingly call it the "three for one special", as in any one of these problems can make for some alarming hijinx if I forget to wear contact lenses or my glasses (and believe it or not, after 28 years of having to wear vision correction ALWAYS, sometimes this still happens!)

As of last Friday, I think I officially have more fillings than remaining teeth Frowner (again, bad genes... I suppose I can thank god for modern dentisty as by the time SHE was thirty, my poor grandmother was wearing full dentures...)

And last but not least... I have a little less clotting factor than is normal in my blood. After operations I tend to take twice as long to stop bleeding as everyone else does (I do stop, however... eventually). Perhaps this might partially explain why, like Mona, little bity insects seem to LOVE me (I think the red hair and pale skin she and I share might have a lot to do with the itchies which inevitably follow, though... *sigh*)

So maybe I'm not a medical oddity as much as a serious of minor medical mishaps... LOL Big Grin
Originally posted by awamutu:
[qb]there is this thing with the toes on my left foot i never mentioned...was kinda hard to explain at last post...can somehow make the toes point opposite directions of each other. pinky toe down, ring toe up, middle toe down, index toe up, big toe down...but not the other way around...and not on the other foot...that is all~~ Smiler [/qb]
Pic please. Wink

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