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I think this would make an incredible super group....lots of Beatles flavor. Incredible song writers and players.  Would be a phenomenal one time album.  And it is time that the world needs another supergroup....I feel anyway.

This isn't really connected to Finn music, but if you've not already heard them, you should seek out the McCartney-MacManus sessions. Since you mention Elvis and Paul, I assume you've heard the songs, but just in case...

Paul and Elvis collaborated on a number of tunes in the late '80s.  At first, the goal was an album, but as they got into the recording phase, they realized their production tastes didn't always align.  They divided up the tunes, which were subsequently released on Elvis' Spike, Mighty Like a Rose, and All This Useless Beauty and Paul's Flowers in the Dirt and Off the Ground.

Studio and home demos of most of the songs were included on Paul's 2017 reissue/boxed set of Flowers in the Dirt.

Not everyone agrees, but I think those songs they co-wrote were fantastic (though the studio recordings sometimes suffered from '80s over-production).  Elvis pushed Paul to return to the melodic territory he often walked during his Beatles career.  I may be wrong about this, but I think Paul was less enthusiastic about the idea.  Clearly, he went along with it, but I vaguely recall comments from him stating that his favorite songs from Flowers were all non-Elvis ones. (For the record, Flowers is a VERY uneven record featuring great highs and perilous lows, partly due to the large group of producers and collaborators.)  Why anyone would choose "Motor of Love" or "Rough Ride" over the Costello songs is beyond me!


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