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Just wondering how many collaborations the Finns did with Manzanerra. I've got Quiet Now and that track Slow Motion Tv (which is excellent) however I was wondering if there were any more.
(Oh yeah, 'Charlie' too)

Thankz Al
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Hey Al,
The Finns and Eddie Rayner are very prominent on Manzanera's K-Scope (1978) album, which includes the track "Slow Motion TV." Their contributions to the overall sound are very strong, but strangely none of the songs are co-written by the Finns or Rayner. There are some good moments in the music, but I think the lyrics (by bassist Bill MacCormick?) are pretty awful for the most part and seem rather unworthy of the Finns' singing talent. But the album is definitely worth checking out. I think it's particularly interesting to hear Rayner playing alongside the likes of Manzanera and Mel Collins.

Also, there's the 1990(?) album by Manzanera called Southern Cross that's supposed to be his exploration of traditional Cuban music. It has several tracks co-written and sung by Tim Finn. I haven't heard it yet, but I'm curious.
I found a copy of the very hard-to-find K-Scope on CD today. Took it home...and WOW! What an album! The contributions by Tim, Neil and Eddie made this album! Very catchy! 'Remote Control' is so upbeat, my girlfriend and I danced around the lounge like idiots! Big Grin And of course 'Slow Motion TV' is a favourite song from the Other Enz compilation.

Tim takes lead vocals on 4 songs, with Neil doing some backing vocals (too bad there's none of his guitar work present), and Eddie pitches in on keyboards. The boys didn't co-write any of the tracks, but nonetheless there's a very noticeable Enz-like energy in the music.

Well worth seeking out for those of you who aren't familiar with it.

Is that the Finn Brothers singing co-lead vocals on Remote Control? Or would Neil's appearance only be considered backing vocals?

I agree, some of the songs sound very enz-esque, despite no songwriting from Tim, Neil or Eddie.

Does anyone have a list of who sang and played what on this album?

Southern Cross has several songs co-written by Tim (I believe his main contribution was lyrical, though you'd expect a bit of melody too from Tim Finn) and most of them are sung by him, too. The album is a bit on the too-tasteful side,  but some of the songs are gems. I have come to like it.

Yeah, Tim wrote or co-wrote 8 songs on Southern Cross, but sill only sang on four — The Rich and the Poor, Dance (Break This Trance), Verde, Dr Fidel — the same amount he sang on K-Scope twelve years earlier.

Just dug the CD out to confirm this. Will check out my K-Scope linear notes now.

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