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I'm new to the forum but have been a CH fan since hearing 'Weaher With You' on the former 92.9 WBOS-FM in Boston in the early '90s. Just want to confirm that my understanding of the fan club CDs is correct. They were released in bunches of 500, have been out of print since the 90 and can not be traded. I've been looking for years to at least have lossless copies of 'Manchester Split' and 'Dutch Treat' as I'm very fond of what I've heard from the Together Alone tour. The CDs are impossible to find now and I see they can't be traded. Am I SOL in hoping to get WAV or FLAC copies of these? I'd obviously be happy to pay for the CDs or downloads if they were offered. Hoping someone can let me know if I'm missing an opportunity to obtain these.


Matt in Boston

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Hi Matt,

AFAIK the rules regarding club CDs have not changed:

No CDRs, DVD Rs, or copies of fan club releases or real record company releases may be advertised or requested in any forum.

No fan club photos or copies of them may be advertised or requested in any forum.

If you want to sell your club CDs, the following rules must apply:

1. They must be the originals you purchased and not backups or copies of any kind.
2. They must be sold for the price you originally paid and not even a penny more. This means that they cannot be auctioned where the price will be bid up above what you paid.
3. They must be sold to another Frenz of the Enz fan club member. Get proof that they are a club member!
4. Fan club CDs may be posted for sale here if the above rules are followed.
5. Posts may not include links to downloads or download sites. These links are only allowed if the download is paid with the money going to the proper person/entity (such as the artist, the publishing company). A download or file sharing website allowing or offering a file or a song does not mean that this offering is approved by the artist or fan club.

Now that the club has gone out of business, I doubt there will be a change in the official policy any time soon. I own about 10 of these CDs, but given that I may only sell them for the 25AUD they had cost me (plus postage), I am reluctant to even part with those I hardly listen to anymore.

Those who don't fear the virtual look of disapproval from the Frenz go for it and put theirs on ebay, knowing that this restrictive policy will keep the prices high. But I guess the only legit option you have is watching this forum and sniping an offer as soon as it is put online.

@Deb: does (3) still apply now that the club is defunct?

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BTW ... just my personal list of the best fan club CDs:

  • Foreplay
  • Dutch Treat
  • Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
  • One Night Stand
  • Newcastle Jam
  • State of Mind

Paul Is Dead is a nice show, but its appeal comes from it being the farewell gig of Paulo, not so much from the sheer musical quality. IMO the most poignant song from the show ("Into Temptation") is missing on the club CD, that's why I omitted it from the above list.

Thanks for the information! Seems these are very hard to come by. It's too bad the initial releases were so limited. I was in high school and college when they came out and wasn't yet really into the band, although I certainly knew a few of their hits from the radio at that point. I wasn't aware their live stuff was so good until I purchased 'Recurring Dreams' in 2002 or so.

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