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Just got back from Manchester and the boys were in top form, played everything i wanted to hear. Loved Luckiest Man and an impromptu version of Lester as well.

Started with Won't give In and ended with i got You, I'm not the best at remembering set lists but in no particular order and I will be corredcted on the proper order no doubt but they played

Anything Can Happen
Dirty Creature
Disembodied Voices
Edible Flowers
Four Seasons in One Day
It's Only Natural
Nothing Wrong with You
Weather with You
Won't Give In
Angels Heap
How Will You Go
Only Talking Sense
Suffer Never
I Got You
There Goes God
History never Repeats
I See Red
Luckiest Man Alive

I think that's about right!
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Can totally agree with dw.
Yet again not disappointed with a Finn related concert.
Bouced all the way home, they sang in my head all the way home .... fantastic to hear.Every single song.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
even being asked to sit down by the security people didn't marr the evening.(yeah, I was the daft cow "dancing" to History!!)
And they signed me CD after the show Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Somebody yelled for Lester and Neil said to him optimisist!! Then he said, why not, Tim said that they encourage requests, cue everyone else shouting at requests, tim said that they had blown their chance, anyway, Neil performed lester on his own, he was a good dog so we were told!!!!

So get yelling those requests!
Mog got me 2 tickets to the Manchester gig as an early birthday present - and I have to say that it was the best birthday present that I have ever received, in my entire life. The Luckiest Man Alive, perhaps?? ;-)

Through our work commitments, we were had to miss Minnie Drivel Razzer but (according to the other postings upon this forum) it doesn't sound as though we should be THAT bothered.

As I have stated in the DVD thread;f=10;t=000935
- I was quite unprepared for the power and spirit that the recent EOIH compositions would provide, in the LIVE forum.
The Luckiest Man Alive, Homesick, Edible Flowers & Anything Can Happen were performed in such a vibrant and commanding manner - that the recorded versions seem to be 2 dimensional. A lot of modern bands can suffer within the live forum and it's so easy to take the Finns performances for granted - but it's worth remembering that Neil and Tim have amassed over 50 years of experience within this field - AND IT SHOWS for the sheer, unequivocal "ease" that they exude.

I've heard the wonderful songs (many times) and I have seen some of their live video footage (Fairwell To The World). I knew that they would be good. I simply hadn't accounted for HOW amazing they would be.

Thank you to Neil, Tim, the band and the entire touring company and everyone else involved in putting together this tour. PLEASE DON'T misunderstand the apparent subdued nature of the audiences that you have encountered, here in the UK. If the rest are anything like me..... they were simply awestruck. I would have been happy with the rocky-version (complete with the tantalising and teasing acoustic intro)to It's Only Natural for my personal birthday present - Instead, I was allowed to witness an exuberant performance by two masters, at their peak. Come back soon.

Mog (The curvacious, cute one) - Thank you for the most wonderful birthday present in the Private Universe. I love you, very much. xXx

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