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I'd love to know what is going to be on the major CH dvd planned for a 2003 release - the one Peter Green / Gryphon has been talking about. There's 2 major important reasons:

Will the videos already featured on the current Dreaming 2002 dvd be on the next CH major 2003 dvd. If not will it have the 'missing' videos like Instinct, Fingers Of Loves, making of Together Alone (as featured on the video single). Reason why I ask this is I'm a bit hesitant to buy the current Dreaming dvd THEN find out later that I will have to buy another CH dvd, but the future time 2003 purchase may be better, more complete and value for money.

Is there any time for people to vote/petition for what material (live performance/interviews/video clips/discography/artwork choices/press essays/articles/promo material/tour guide souvenirs/commentary tracks/subtitles/closed captions etc) will be on the next major CH dvd 2003. For example some people might prefer a particular concert over the other. Or some people might prefer to have the FWTTW 1996 Opera House version of Weather With You (the one where the crowd sings along) instead of the current video version of the song in the Corner Hotel warm up gigs in Melbourne... and so on. SO basically can frenz fans still have a say/input/choice for what goes on???
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If Gryphon can't tell me what's going to be on the next major CH dvd 2003 at least please provide me with an answer on whether the Dreaming Videos will be on that 2003 release.

I really need to know. I have a Christmas budget to work out you know Roll Eyes

Basically where I stand is I'm hesitant to buy Dreaming as I've seen at least 75% of it's content since I already own the I Like To Watch CH video compilation (which cost me to buy from ebay US$25 last year). From reports on TITM email list and this forum the Catch 22 interview is not very good and is made up of half of the video clips re-showing from Dreaming.

I don't wanna sound negative here but I think I have a right to know before I part with my hard - earned cash whether the DVD clips will D-O-U-B-L-E-. Thanks.
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[qb] From reports on TITM email list and this forum the Catch 22 interview is not very good and is made up of half of the video clips re-showing from Dreaming.[/qb]
Well, yes, the Catch 22 interview is full of video clips, but it is certainly worth seeing. It cracks me up every time I watch it, especially the way Neil mangles the pronunciation of a major Asian city so as to render what he's talking about completely incomprehensible (the first time I heard him say it, I thought to myself "what??" and at the exact same time Nick said "what??" in the same tone of voice that I was thinking it. LOL!) You'd have to see it. Wink

And Paul also has a few choice comments that still make me laugh out loud even though I've watched this interview at least 5 or 6 times now! I think it's certainly worth seeing.
w.c.i.b.n. - I couldn't be too sure, but I'd say that the "Major" 2003 Crowded House DVD won't include all the video clips from Dreaming (I think PG even said that, but don't quote me on that). Anyway, you seem like a pretty big fan of everything Neil Finn/Crowded House, so sureley money isn't going to get in the way of purchacing both DVDs...! Trust me, you'll be happy with both... as long as your Christmas budget allows for that (you really do have to take these things into consideration Wink ).

Anyone who posts here in this forum would sureley have to buy both DVDs... even moderate fans buy this kind of stuff, so if you're a forum member, your duty is to just buy them. Anyone agree with my obseration?
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
[qb]...I'm SO jealous of all you fans in the bottom half of the world...[/qb]
Yeah, especially when you people get Neil touring all year... and One All - yep, it must be a real shame Wink . But seriously, I buy anything Neil Finn-related I can get my hands on (I even bought his book - Love This Life... for AU$28 Eeker ). I actually bought the 7 Worlds Collide DVD without even owning a DVD player! - that's dedication for you! It sent me broke again, but at least I can have years of enjoyment out of it Smiler ... actually that won't be the case unless I can get hold of a DVD player... Roll Eyes . Hmmm... maybe I should have eaten that week...
Re: "possible" 2003 DVD or DVDs..... far too early to tell. Nothing has been even discussed yet.
It's not as simple as fan preference, as there are too many other issues around who owns what, what the budget is, source material etc.
No never said anything about the clips, I would expect ALL of them to be on the DVD, including the 3 missing ones....still have no official idea why they were left off....strange eh
but its too early....I wouldn't expect to even start on this till mid it shouldn't cause a ripple in your 2002 Xmas DREAMING THE VIDEOS is so cheap. Australia JB Hi Fi has it for $7 cheaper then most shops......its a budget DVD with a budget price tag.
Anyway too early to tell...there mightn't be a new CH DVD at all, my wishes are not always what happens.....but we'll see. The choice is always up to the consumer, I'm not being forced to say a yes or no as anything could happen.........can't tell you something I don't know (sorry).

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