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I haven't used a Mac since 9th Grade... hmmm, nice to know people still have the same gripes with the I-Mac that I had in 1987 with the Apple IIe... Razzer

While we're on the topic of so-close-to-the-bone-it's-hilarious American TV ad sendups, check out this one I found today... Prozac users, or indeed anyone who's found themselves irritated beyond reason by that stupid little bouncing oval-shaped dude, should find this nearly as funny as I did... Smiler
The Mac link gave me the dreaded 404 Error Frowner

The Ovoid one was hysterical, I laughed my ass off! MadTV (or maybe it was SNL, I think MadTV because it was funny) had a bit based on that commercial. It was hysterical. I loved the head exploding part, reminds me of going off Paxil cold-turkey, YIKES! Eeker

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I kinda did wonder, Gen, while watching that incredibly funny (and equally, libellous) sendup, how long it'd be before the Mac people and their lawyers sailed in and shut it down.

Guess we know now. Frowner

And Kill Eye, I laughed until my sides hurt at the Zoloft sendup... as Homer Simpson put it once, "It's funny because it's true." (I also had the exact same problem as you did coming off Paxil. Those SSRI drugs can be seriously nasty things to withdraw from! Eeker Eeker Eeker )

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