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Any Mac users know if there is a firewall client out there which allows the transfer of files via FTP? We have a Mac in the office which needs to be able to send things to publishers' FTP sites - we can buy the right FTP software for it but are still searching for a firewall client.

Any help appreciated.

Anselm Smiler
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Thanks all for your advice so far.

Originally posted by finnatic:
[qb] Can you explain your question a little more in depth - kinda confused by the need for a 'firewall client' - a firewall blocks or permits data on certain network ports - is your company running a firewall whereby a pc/mac needs to get past the firewall in some way via a standalone app? [/qb]
Well, all I know is that I have a Firewall client on my PC which allows me to publish and upload online course material, defeating the existing corporate firewall software which stops us downloading whatever we like from the web.

Basically our Mac needs to be able to FTP large files over to our publishers, and our IT Support Team reckon we need a firewall client AND FTP software to do it. Sorry I can't be more specific, but this is about the limit of my computer knowledge Smiler

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