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I'm sorry but I'm just about to give the discography page a big THUMBS DOWN!!
Sure, it's done alot of great things but if only they'd added the lyrics from the Rear Enz and Oddz and Enz collections I'd be alot happier!!!
Recently adding these marvellous collections to my cds, I went to discography first, expecting to find the lyrics there but they weren't there!!!!
Can someone please help me!! I don't know what else to do but to come here! Where can I find these lyrics!!!!!!
Hoping someone will come to my rescue
(I might need a dragon slayer to save me from myself fairly soon!),
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Now that someone else has mentioned this, there are also a few other releases which arent displayed in the discography database either.

1. Tim Finn - Say it is so.

2. Tim Finn - Steel City.

3. Tim Finn - Runs in the family. (song).

Also, why under the listing for say it is so is Tim only credited with vocals. The CD itself says he also played acoustic guitar and piano on the whole album. In the video for "Big wave rider" Tim is playing one of his electric guitars, and on his official website there are lots of photos of Tim in the studio with this instrument.

This is in no way a complaint of how Debbie runs the site. I reckon she does a wonderful job for the most part. I just thought I would point these things out.

Cheers, Jeremy.
At some point in the transition from webpages to the discography, some of the lyricz files
seem to have gone AWOL. does have the lyrics (or what my poor ears could make of them) available to
them, and I'll see what we can do...

[Tim:] A day too soon, but such a tune

will bring to jaded hearts

a breath of cheer, the end of year

approach in fits and starts

and weaves a spell which truth to tell

is short rather more than long

let honesty shine and yours be mine

let the woods be filled with song

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