I thaought of an interesting little competition: guess the Finn related song based on the initials of each word. The letters will be consecutive to add difficulty (Unfortunately there is no evil laughter graemlin!) For example "try to catch the deluge in a paper cup" cup would be TTCTDIAPC. See if you can decipher this one and create some of your own. Oh, and please make life a little easier for our moderaters and don't post ones that spell out swear words. Razzer
I'll give you a small hint. It's Crowded House. Good luck!

"Look at the ocean and tell me it's not blue."

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"No time no place to talk about the weather...."

Private Universe!

I had in in four letters.....does that make me dorky? Wink

Also from Together Alone, but not the whole song, just an adequate sample:

Nails In My Feet!

My Life is a house, you crawl through the window.

Try this one....

Haha you got it even with my mistake right near the start! Apparently I didn't proof read well enough!

Yours is tough! Especially without knowing if it's CH or what album, but I'll give it a whirl Wink
I bring you plates from Rome! You say they look fantastic!!

Italian Plastic!!

OK, here's one:

Haha yet another I got in 4 letters!

I'm really close tonight...

Fall at Your Feet!

Can anyone participate? Smiler

Because the first 15 letters are dead giveaways for:

"I'd Much Rather Have A Caravan In The Hills, Then A Mansion In The Slums."

Mansion in the Slums!

Whoops! Sorry about that. That's my fault there. I thought that would be an adequate sample of lyrics, but I realised this afternoon whilst listening to the very song that I took the above line from that I'd made a slight mistake in it. Red Face

It's meant to be:


If anyone still needs a tiny hint, let me know. Smiler
Well played half-full. I'm going to have to check out song titles now N.F.Addict..I was trying to get this from memory...
Song titles didn't help....because I was thinking of first lines...but then...

'And I'm Lying on the table..'

It's Distant Sun!

I think Finfan deserves double points for getting the bridge of DS because looking back, that might have been harder to work out then was originally intended.

Seem to favour Crowded House in this topic because the latest one is:

"It Was Good While It Lasted..."

Time Immemorial!

This is what one gets for reacting to the better half's current obsession with a certain series of films by listening to Crowded House. Eeker Wink


Don't get caught with your pants down baby!!

I dream of a place that's hedged with roses..............

Anyone Can Tell.

Next one....big clue at the end Big Grin

Ah, see, I was going through the opening lines of every Finn song I knew, and here we have snippets from the middle! Sneaky!

OK, all the D's mean it should be something really obvious...
Heh was just listening to this new CH song, and at the end, when they started singing "da da da da da da....", this lightbulb went off in my head.... Wink

Saturday Sun!!

Some of the sentences I come up with trying to figure these things out: they say you may yet find it here... Nope, that's not it. Wink Still working on it!
"They say you marry your father, I hope that don't reflect on me..."

I am in Love!

That was tough...

'She's gone,vanished in the night..'

Catherine Wheels

I was listening to that just this morning


Ignore that one above Wink

I've never fallen in love with a Russian accent before! There's a first!

Maybe this is a Finn secret to his songwriting process?
"I'm not lying or asking or asking for anything, I just want to be there when it happens again..."

I Feel Possessed!!

That was far harder than it should have been!

Beware of the passenger!

Tombstone. That was a tricky one indeed, I love that song too so I'm kicking myself.

I may have a word or two wrong, but that's at the end section possibly. The front bit is right.

Thanks for the thanks...
"... And A Woman Shedding Tears For A Man Locked In Prison... When The Two Locked Eyes And For A Moment I Was Taken..."

Everything Is Good For You!

Yeah, that one was rather hard to decipher. It was the "LEAF - Locked Eyes And For..." that gave it away. Cool

On to the next, and be careful with this one:

Sun sleeps on misty morning
Light years from channel three
I feel halfway to zero
Call me a hero I might just agree


The 'z' gave it away.


OK....sorry been a bit sneaky here, so how about a clue!

This was released as a B side and a bonus track. Some might say this is a "lost" classic
Thanks, I feel relieved Smiler.

Child on my lap, taking a nap

'Lost Island'

Thanks for the clue..I would never have got it as (shock) I don't listen to that one much at all.


Originally posted by Vee:
Too easy
As Sure As I Am

Killed for a love potion (bloody rhino hunters)
Sad thing looking like a dead flower
I want it, everything that you throw out.


(clue: a key might help Smiler)

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