I thaought of an interesting little competition: guess the Finn related song based on the initials of each word. The letters will be consecutive to add difficulty (Unfortunately there is no evil laughter graemlin!) For example "try to catch the deluge in a paper cup" cup would be TTCTDIAPC. See if you can decipher this one and create some of your own. Oh, and please make life a little easier for our moderaters and don't post ones that spell out swear words. Razzer
I'll give you a small hint. It's Crowded House. Good luck!

"Look at the ocean and tell me it's not blue."

Original Post
"No time no place to talk about the weather...."

Private Universe!

I had in in four letters.....does that make me dorky? Wink

Also from Together Alone, but not the whole song, just an adequate sample:

Whoops! Sorry about that. That's my fault there. I thought that would be an adequate sample of lyrics, but I realised this afternoon whilst listening to the very song that I took the above line from that I'd made a slight mistake in it. Red Face

It's meant to be:


If anyone still needs a tiny hint, let me know. Smiler
I think Finfan deserves double points for getting the bridge of DS because looking back, that might have been harder to work out then was originally intended.

Seem to favour Crowded House in this topic because the latest one is:

"It Was Good While It Lasted..."

Time Immemorial!

This is what one gets for reacting to the better half's current obsession with a certain series of films by listening to Crowded House. Eeker Wink


"... And A Woman Shedding Tears For A Man Locked In Prison... When The Two Locked Eyes And For A Moment I Was Taken..."

Everything Is Good For You!

Yeah, that one was rather hard to decipher. It was the "LEAF - Locked Eyes And For..." that gave it away. Cool

On to the next, and be careful with this one:

You're doing great Finfan, but I know what you mean. I can't seem to think about anything else until I find the answer Razzer. Might let somebody else have a go at this one or it will take over my weekend. It is a great game though.

Have a good Easter!!
This ones REALLY tough, and I've just gone over all the Crowded House lyric sheets I have Confused... so I deduce that this is either:
A) a split Enz song that Crowded House play live, or
B) From Intriguer, the only CH album I don't have, aside from the Recurring dream live disc.

Can you give us a clue And I Know That I Love You...?
When I was a young boy...
How on earth did I not get that one? (kicks self, as predicted)
I thought it was going to be a Neil song because all the songs so far were either Crowded House songs or Split Enz songs written by Neil.

Anyway, my turn!


(Finally, able to submit my own challenge! Big Grin)
I've never looked at this thread before Red Face

Skin Feeling.

I like the smell of that shop
I like the way it serves me
I like the pigment in your skin
I like the way it moves me

Does this mean I've got to come up with something else? I'll get my daughter on to it - doubtless this will mean some obscure Enz song Wink
Right you are vicarious! The song was indeed Skin Feeling! Thought that And You Know That I Love You... was going to finally figure out how close "I love the smell of" was to the opening line of Skin Feeling, but I was wrong! Now onto a new challenge without knowing if it's a Enz or Crowdies song... this could take a while...
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:

Ooh ooh Stuff and Nonsense!
"I soon learned your love burned brighter than the stars in my eyes,
Now I know how and when, I know where and why"

What with your user name and all Wink


And on behalf of vicarious:


(hope it's ok Smiler)
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:
well done cc, welcome to the forum Smiler
of course it's ok to hop in ( only if they're easy clues) Big Grin

Thankyou, AYKTILY.

clanlesscaracal is the aforementioned daughter. She may - may not - have chosen an obscure Enz song, after all . . . . up to you to find out Wink
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:
So now I'm not too sure if it's Enz at all,the way
that was written, I'm thinking too hard now, oh well back to it... Smiler

It was late last night (Geddit?? Big Grin ) when I typed my last post: should have read May OR may not.

Apologies for any inadvertent misleading (not that you're any the wiser now . . . . Wink)
OK CC, my mind is about to implode, I really don't want to look up lyrics on the net, I prefer to nut it out, which I have been doing in between sneezing my lungs up(or that's how it feels anyway..) with a flu, so can you tell me if it's the older stuff for or not Roll Eyes
Don't worry you're mum wasn't misleading, I've two littl úns and can't remember when I last actually lead anything.. Big Grin
[QUOTE]Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:

your daughter has a remarkable work ethic

Eeker Confused

"daughter " and "remarkable work ethic" . . . . never thought I'd see those 2 things in the same sentence Wink

I think she's enjoying the feeling of power Smiler

I'm backing out of this challenge now - leave you two to get on with it.
Enz then I take it... couldn't believe that I didn't get "In The Lowlands", it's one of the darkest and haunting, yet peaceful songs I've ever heard. And take heed of the warning aFINNity, I ended up checking the site every 2 minutes to see if I had the right lyrics.
Dorthonian obviously isn't hearing you, AYKTILY. While we're waiting, maybe we can work it out as a collaboration?

I'll start with some alternatives:

    And I walk over the . . .
    All I want . . .
    And I wait . . .

"All I want" doesn't sound very Finnish. Lots of lyric lines seem to start with "and", though. Does any of this push any buttons?

Confused Confused Confused
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:

tip of my mind , or totally off track...?

Dunno. I went through the lyrics of both Neil solo albums plus EIH and it's none of those (unless I've missed it). Not clever at all on Enz lyrics, so I can't help there. I'm trying to get my daughter to help with this, as she "hears" lyrics much better than I do, but I can't seem to pin her down for more than a couple of minutes Roll Eyes

I'll keep thinking.
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:
Ok, I am going to WRITE DOWN what this is so I won't FORGET IT THIS TIME.... Wink

an easy one to start... hopefully.... Wink
Happy New Year vacarious and family, hope you're ok in your Winter weather... Cool


Unseasonably mild now - primroses flowering already Roll Eyes

I've writ the letters large on a piece of paper to take with me on a 5-miler with the dog, shortly. P'raps the dog could come up with the answer - stands just as good a chance as me Razzer.

Runner - give me a few days before I join you in begging for a clue Cool
Originally posted by Bandie:
It's hip to be detached and precious
The only thing you feel is vicious[/i]

Message to My Girl - SE Big Grin

New to this game - what happens now?

ps sorry for crashing in Smiler

It's not a private club Big Grin

It's your turn to come up with a new set of initials Smiler

Anyway thankyou for getting it so quickly. The daughter and the dog were no good at this one (but then, neither was I Smiler)
Hey guys,

a simple msg on the board system would have been sufficient to "conjure me up". I know it's magic, but it works. Sadly, this board "Original Creations" has become so slow in traffic most of the time that I sometimes do not come here for weeks on end.

While I'm puzzled by the latest one, let me give you the solution of my last riddle, namely AIWOTPOMABC:

And I walk on the path of mind and body connected — it's out of Tim's "Protected"

Sorry about the delay ...
Originally posted by vicarious:
I'm probably being a bit thick but what do you mean by the "board system"? Confused

This is a bulletin board ... and if you were to send me a PM through the system, one might say you would be using the "board system". Right? ;-)

Would it be asking too much to reveal the answer to this one instead of any more clues? I've been through all my own Neil on his own stuff and I honestly can't find anything that matches "AWEGO ARITH". You've stumped the rest of us with this one and that ever elusive answer is driving me round the twist.

I’d forgotten about this…  sorry 

The Finn Brothers song in the first clue was SUFFER Never. 

It’s been SEVEN years - hint, hint  

The song was released ten years ago and was written by Neil.

I didn't think it was any more obscure than Dots on the Shells!

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