OK CC, my mind is about to implode, I really don't want to look up lyrics on the net, I prefer to nut it out, which I have been doing in between sneezing my lungs up(or that's how it feels anyway..) with a flu, so can you tell me if it's the older stuff for or not Roll Eyes
Don't worry you're mum wasn't misleading, I've two littl úns and can't remember when I last actually lead anything.. Big Grin
[QUOTE]Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:

your daughter has a remarkable work ethic

Eeker Confused

"daughter " and "remarkable work ethic" . . . . never thought I'd see those 2 things in the same sentence Wink

I think she's enjoying the feeling of power Smiler

I'm backing out of this challenge now - leave you two to get on with it.
Enz then I take it... couldn't believe that I didn't get "In The Lowlands", it's one of the darkest and haunting, yet peaceful songs I've ever heard. And take heed of the warning aFINNity, I ended up checking the site every 2 minutes to see if I had the right lyrics.
Dorthonian obviously isn't hearing you, AYKTILY. While we're waiting, maybe we can work it out as a collaboration?

I'll start with some alternatives:

    And I walk over the . . .
    All I want . . .
    And I wait . . .

"All I want" doesn't sound very Finnish. Lots of lyric lines seem to start with "and", though. Does any of this push any buttons?

Confused Confused Confused
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:

tip of my mind , or totally off track...?

Dunno. I went through the lyrics of both Neil solo albums plus EIH and it's none of those (unless I've missed it). Not clever at all on Enz lyrics, so I can't help there. I'm trying to get my daughter to help with this, as she "hears" lyrics much better than I do, but I can't seem to pin her down for more than a couple of minutes Roll Eyes

I'll keep thinking.
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:
Ok, I am going to WRITE DOWN what this is so I won't FORGET IT THIS TIME.... Wink

an easy one to start... hopefully.... Wink
Happy New Year vacarious and family, hope you're ok in your Winter weather... Cool


Unseasonably mild now - primroses flowering already Roll Eyes

I've writ the letters large on a piece of paper to take with me on a 5-miler with the dog, shortly. P'raps the dog could come up with the answer - stands just as good a chance as me Razzer.

Runner - give me a few days before I join you in begging for a clue Cool
Originally posted by Bandie:
It's hip to be detached and precious
The only thing you feel is vicious[/i]

Message to My Girl - SE Big Grin

New to this game - what happens now?

ps sorry for crashing in Smiler

It's not a private club Big Grin

It's your turn to come up with a new set of initials Smiler

Anyway thankyou for getting it so quickly. The daughter and the dog were no good at this one (but then, neither was I Smiler)

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