Now Suuz if you would of mailed in the paper sales sheet it would off arrived by now. Saying that, I have filled in the sheet at this end and Luton has been mailed. But please a reminder to everyone you MUST mail in the paper sheets as we process from those. (no exceptions). We always send a confirmation email to you when your sheet arrives (providing we can read your email address).

A third batch of LUTONS arrive over the next week for the new orders, as soon as we get these we will mail the latest copies out.
Damn, damn and damn. Mine evidently got lost in the post after being mailed at the start of November. PG has lodged a claim with Oz Post, so I guess I wait (and wait) until they deal with it. Next year maybe. Hope whoever got my package is enjoying it.
Originally posted by Camus:
Serge was never released, it was going to be a Neil FInn solo record. I quite like that version with the strings.

True. Maybe Greatfox was thinking of Remember When, a b-side for Next Exit which was also on Luton? I like the version with the strings too, for what it's worth.
Our 4th batch of LUTON (2 cd) will arrive in just over 2 weeks time.

We have about 12 orders outstanding and YES club members can still order LUTON (2 cd) through the club.

I'd say about 70% of the pressing has been gobbled up by Frenz members already.

Glad so many are enjoying this.
I am coming late to this party, having only just received my copy of the Rootin Tootin Luton Tapes (the 15-track edition, that is). But I'm thrilled and surprised to discover how good the album is. I was always much more partial to Split Enz's pre-True Colours output; still, I'd assumed the phantom Luton tapes would be little more than a drunken lo-fi mess by a band at its lowest ebb. It's great to be proven wrong. I think this is as good as anything they did in the harlequin-suit and face-paint years when Phil Judd was in and out of the band (and then in and out again). I actually prefer it to Dizrythmia and Frenzy for its consistency and its sheer hair-standing-on-the-back-of-the-neck raw energy.

And though I'd always liked Serge (aka Late In Rome) far more than Neil's later hits with Split Enz, I'd never realized just how consistently good his earliest output was. And is. Carried Away, Holy Smoke, and Evelyn -- damn!! what superb songs. I can hear the germ of Crowded House in these tunes, but there's so much more edge and spike to them.

Tim's songs are also consistently strong. I love the Kinks-y feel of Creature Comforts. And though the band were in England throughout '78, I can hear some uncanny affinities between Tim's songs -- esp. Hypnotised -- and some of the wild and wonderful music being made back in NZ at the same time by Toy Love (Chris Knox's band, which also briefly hosted Phil Judd before he became a Suburban Reptile and then a Swinger).

Sublime stuff. Thanks so much for making it happen.
one thing I've noticed after continuous and close listening to Luton, is an aspect of Famous People.
To me, Tim's vocal sounds heavily compressed, like a low-quality download, in comparison to the rest of the album, including the original mix of Semi-Detached. Has anyone picked up on this too??
That was one of the problems Eddie had to deal with on the original multi-track. The vocals on this track and some others have a thin sound with a bit of a squeak to them. A "gnarly" sound, as Eddie put it. When listening to old original mixes I'd previously put it down to oxide shedding from the tape. Maybe it was a bad mic or the bias not set correctly at the recording stage (that's also one of the theories behind the bad audio quality on the "Frenzy" album).

You mentioned compression. On the whole, while I think the mixes on the new Luton CD are very good, especially when you take the difficulties that Adrian and Eddie were presented with on the 8-track tape (like a main vocal sharing its track with another instrument), I don't like the excessive compression and clipping distortion throughout. It's the sound of the 21st century, I suppose.
The final club order for LUTON (2 cd) has now gone in, and stock will arrive in the next 10 days.

Thanks to those last batch of club members who ordered and have waited patiently. Being the final order we had to be exact.

For those people after single CD copies, most JB stores in Australia do have the single copy.

Finally the last club order of these arrives next week from Warner-Mushroom, I'd say Wednesday seeing Monday is a holiday it will slow the process down a bit....

We'll get all the cd mailer boxes ready this weekend though, so they can all go out as soon as stock arrives. Thanks for being patient with this last batch.

Originally posted by Camus:
Famous People is one of the original mixes isn't it? Like Semi Detached the multi track is missing and it couldn't be remixed?
The multi-track was missing and a completely different take was found and mixed for the re-issue. Since then the missing tape has been located.
The multi-track was missing and a completely different take was found and mixed for the re-issue. Since then the missing tape has been located.

You're talking about the remastered Frenzy now rather than Luton aren't you? I meant the Luton version of Famous People on the second disc of Luton.

The alternative take of Famous People is miles ahead of the original Frenzy Mix. Is the original take as bare as the original mix, or was a lot mixed out originally?

I guess it was fortuitous that the tape was missing at the time as we got to hear a completely different take. If only the multitrack for Semi Detached was still around. It's so noticeable on Luton that it's the original mix.
The final LUTONS from the recent orders have been boxed and some mailed, we took the rest down today BUT.....there is a mail strike in Australia (a sorters strike)- I think it will only be a few days.... so as soon as that is over the rest go out... sorry this one is out of my hands....!! (:

so no mail coming in or going out at the moment.
I've been trying to work out how the Rootin Tootin tapes compare to those that have previously been released.

Numerous tracks have cropped up over the years on compilations (band and various artist efforts) as well as, of course, the US Frenzy.

However, the remastering/remixing shenanigans have left me a little confused. I'd attempt a summary of what has appeared and in what form but, truth be told, I'm a relative newbie to the world of Enz and am not convinced I'd do justice to such a task.

Anyone fancy outlining what appears where and how it all relates to Rootin Tootin? For example, Hermit McDermitt appeared on single, on Spellbound (I think) and on Rootin but with different timings... are these different takes or simply different mixes of the same master?

And the three bonus tracks on the remastered Frenzy: are they repeated on Rootin Tootin or were they given a new mix?

I have nothing important to say but I finally got my Luton discs last night!

I was glad to see (hear) a lack of complicated elaborations added to the songs, like with some of the song versions on Spellbound.

Really like the Luton version of Late In Rome... and Straight Talk is great!
Well, here's some more thoughts I've had...

I know that Frenzy was released and all, but I wonder if releasing only disc 1 to the general public is a mistake. I think disc 2, musically, is better. (Comments?)

Secondly... holy smokes, "Next Exit" and "So This Is Love" are depressing. One about suicide, and the other about being constantly shot down by love. Pretty angsty.

I could drag out my copy of my Split Enz book, but I'm wondering about the recording history behind "So This Is Love". I thought that it was never recorded in the studio. Most of the lyrics are sung by Tim, except for one verse sung by Phil. Was that the original recording, or is what we have here a combination of two separate vocal tracks?
Originally posted by Chris Camfield:
I know that Frenzy was released and all, but I wonder if releasing only disc 1 to the general public is a mistake. I think disc 2, musically, is better. (Comments?)

Secondly... holy smokes, "Next Exit" and "So This Is Love" are depressing. One about suicide, and the other about being constantly shot down by love. Pretty angsty.

First point: I actually agree. Disc 2 is wonderful. Second point: I always saw Next Exit as a (wonderfully) cheesy song about a relationship breaking up, nothing more. Maybe I completely misread that one.
Originally posted by Paul H:
Second point: I always saw Next Exit as a
(wonderfully) cheesy song about a relationship breaking up, nothing more. Maybe I completely misread that one.

I have to dig out my boxed set and listen to the version from that. I think the lyrics are a bit different.

The Luton version, as Vortex very helpfully transcribed, includes the line "I might just do away with myself". That really changes my perspective on the song.

I'm not quite sure what the green-eyed monster verse is about. Persuaded of what?
Finally got off my lazy behind and got hold of this... really no idea how it wasn't a Pavlovian thing as soon as it was released, but I guess most of the latest Finn offerings really put me off everything for a while - feels nice to be getting back into it with respectable Tim album and getting to finally hear these fabled tracks.

Happy to say that the wait was worth it Smiler Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it Smiler
I don't agree that disc 2 is better. Disc 2 is made up of inferior demo versions of songs already released on Frenzy that are of a noticeably lower audio quality than the songs on disc 1 (because the multitracks of nearly all the songs on disc 2 are missing meaning that the original 1978 mixes (which are pretty oridnary) had to be used, whereas the multitracks for evrything except Semi Detached survive for disc 1, allowing brand new decent mixes to be made). Also disc 1 is full of unreleased songs of a very high calibre. I know which I prefer. I think it would have been better if Next Exit had have been on disc 1.

Disc 2 strikes me of really only being of interest to hardcore fans - it's a disc of demos for songs that have already been released and contains a couple of almost ropey quality off air BBC recordings. While I love demos and the two Judd era BBC tracks, it really isn't a suitable release to the public at large IMO.
Hi Camus, gang,

I think it just great that they were able to get those tracks out to the masses full stop.
Probably never would've happened had they not done the Aussie tour in 2006, and of course PG's major input/effort into these things.Onya mate!

It's just sad that they can't release a bit more in the demo dept, as they have so many of them. What often began as a simple Phil Judd on guitar and lyric, or TF piano and guide, later became the huge multi layered beauty that we have on the early albums. It'd be great to hear any of their demo's full stop mind you.

As Jeremy Ansell gave us a snippet in his FAB document of the band Enzology @ Radio NZ, tracks like the demos for Dirty Creature show far more of how a great band can pull things together based on a simple landscape.
I want to hear more of that. Exactly how did the songs evolve, step by step.
To see the guys in the studio and pull back/fiddle with certain tracks to show you it's entire guts etc.
Many bands have done it. There's plenty of it on Youtube too, usually sourced from a company named Eagle Rock, I think? (no relation to Daddy Cool though). They give a wonderful insight into the way musicians and recordings work.

Peace to you all Cool
The club needed one copy of the TWO CD LUTON set to fulfill a late order. I ended up getting in SIX, so we have FIVE copies of the double cd available at the moment.

So if you are a club member and need to get the 2 CD set for your collection email me. You MUST email first so i can reserve one for you.
As promised, especially to new Frenz club members, the club is getting together another lot of the LUTON (2 cd set) so if you did miss out or simply only recently joined Frenz of the Enz LUTON (2 cd) will be on a sales sheet with the May update.

I can't imagine Warners having much stock of the 2 cd remaining as a it is a limited for the fanclub only, so once they run out that's it we can't order more copies either.

I did hear from our record company, and apparently there are only 248 more copies of the fan-club limited edition (2 cd) set of LUTON left in the warehouse.

So I'd expect we will run out over the next month or so. We move a few per day.

Once they go I think it means more copies of LUTON sold to the fanclub then the public bought via CD stores (the cd store was only a single CD though).

You just know in a few years time this will become one of those items on Ebay that new collectors want.


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