A for S: Most of them exist on pre-Luton rehearsal and/or demo cassettes. There are no earlier professionally recorded studio versions other than "Late In Rome", recorded to 4-track at Harlequin Studios by After Hours in April 1977.

A keyboard line or two from "Frenzy" crops up on a rehearsal tape from 1976. The song was also performed at Aylesbury Friars club in Feb 1978. "Best Friend" and "Miss Haps" were performed regularly live in 1977. You'll have heard "Leaving", an early version of "Evelyn" demoed by The Ninees, circa 1978. When "Holy Smoke" was first demoed by Tha Nineez (note inconsistent spelling) it was called "Holy Ghost".
"Leaving" was on the Nilfun site way back when.
The After Hours demos have some quality stuff, such as a lovely acoustic version of "Julia", later done by Citizen Band. Mike Chunn still has the original 4-track tapes so maybe a remixed track or two might get a fanclub release one day.
I've heard the "Livin' it Up" on the A&M Frenzy, and I don't know that it sounds particularly like Tim, but I definitely don't think it's Nigel singing. I've got his pre-Enz stuff with Octopus and his solo album Sleeper. His vocal tone quality is pleasant but not as acerbic as in "LiT".

Just my 2 cents...
Hi There fellow enz maniacs,
I am new to this discussion board but felt i needed to let out my exhilaration at receiving my first copy of the 2cd set of Luton. I am waiting for the second set to arrive but i'm sure Peter will deliver. Absolutely awesome !!!! I can't believe it is finally here. I just love hearing Carried Away & Semi Detached & Message Boy as well as all those super rare tracks & demos. Thanks guys, you brought a smile to my face yet again. Woohoo !! I saw CH last week and was considering going to NZ to see Split Enz & have a holiday. Anyone else going ????

Mine arrived in the UK yesterday, enjoyed the drive to work and home much more today, got through most of both discs.

Been a life member for about 10 years now, this type of release shows the rapport between the Band(s) and the fans, with utmost respect to the superb "conduit" Mr Peter Green.

If you're fan enough to be on this forum but not in the club( ooo err missus), do yourself a favour and join the FOTE NOW!!!!! you won't be disappointed.

Originally posted by Semi-Detached:
Hmm, still no Luton in my mailbox today. I feel a MasterCard parody coming on...

*Split Enz One Out Of The Bag DVD: $40

*Split Enz concert ticket: $93

*Patiently waiting for your copy of the Luton CD to arrive in the mail: Excruciating!

ROFL!!! Big Grin Big Grin
Great one, Gav!
I'm still waiting for my copy of Luton as well! Must be a Perth thing....
Have Perth and Dunedin ever been tagged as sister cities? They sure do fit the whole "tend to miss out on concerts" thing.
Hi Everybody

I'm sorry to rub it in for those who haven't got their copy yet but mine arrived in the Uk yesterday 20th and what a delight to finally hear Luton all together Big Grin

I just want to say that I've been listening to disc 1 today whilst driving around making me smile alot.

I'd just like to say a very big thanks to the Enz for not only producing this great music but for allowing it's release, in a 2 Cd form for the FOTE, for all Eddies work and not forgetting Peter's quiet determination to make Luton happen. Not Forgeting Mark's work in sending them out!! Love the packaging and the recollections of them all about Luton.

Just got my fan club copy today. Think it is great. I think I should first thank Tim,Noel,Eddie,Mal,Neil and Nigel for recording these great tunes in the first place. I should then thank Eddie and Adrian for remixing and remastering all the tunes. Then I shuold thank Mushroom Records and Peter Green for this record coming out at all. Miss Haps and Carried Away are great.
P.S. Carried Away sounds a little different comapred to the version last year's Frenzy remaster, Semi-Detached sounds the same.

It's been remixed (again). AFAIK the A&M Frenzy mix of Carried Away is different to the B-side version, I'm not sure if the 2006 Frenzy version is another remix as well.

Semi Detached is the original mix (the multitrack for Semi Detached is missing).
Got mine today. Woohoo!

Well, I love it. I've listened to the whole thing twice already, and all these songs I hadn't heard yet are fantastic.

I love all the just off-kilter guitars, or synth lines, or harmonies. In fact, some of the synth parts (like on "Message Boy" or "Straight Talk") sound Krautrock. And a ton of great bass lines, too.

"Miss Haps," "Home Comforts," "Animal Lover" Wonderfully quirky, very new wave — like what XTC did at the time, that kind of new wave. They're among the best on the set.

"Carried Away" Not too different than the version added to Frenzy: this one brings the synths up in the mix, particularly around the second chorus. The outro is just a little longer, too. And the vocal lacks the reverb that seems to be on all the original mixes.

"Semi-Detached" Not really different, but I noticed something odd. The part where the tape dropout would be has been masked by an edit from the next part of the solo — you hear Tim chanting "burn, burn, burn, burn" twice, so three times during the solo in all. Even more odd is the fact that the version on the Frenzy remaster doesn't have the tape dropout, or the edit . . . but it does have this odd squeaking noise in the first three seconds, which can't be heard here. So different tapes must have been used for Frenzy and for Luton. It sounds weird this way, so I think I'll keep the Frenzy version.

"Holy Smoke" The synths have been cut back, which is a bit of a shame, the vocals ("ooh, holy, ooh, holy, ooh, holy, holy, holy . . .") at the end are pushed back, and if Neil was singing along with that, he now isn't (I've only got an crackly, somewhat faint needledrop to go by). But this makes way for extra lyrics at the end!

"Message Boy" Lots of energy. Great.

"Hypnotized" Real '50s feel to it (skiffle, maybe?), going to a shoutalong outro like "Another Great Divide." I never heard the originals of these, so I can't comment there.

"Late in Rome" Very beautiful, even if Neil singing "dancer" with a long "a" sounds awkward.

"Straight Talk" Back to quirky. I could imagine this becoming something like "Nice to Know," given time in the studio, but at the risk of making it more normal.

"Hollow Victory" Veers from melancholy to menacing — like a more pop-conscious, concise, smoothed out "Stranger than Fiction," perhaps.

"Evelyn" Poppy, sounds kind of like "Holy Smoke," actually. I don't mind.

"Best Friend" Charging and manic.

"Creature Comforts" A quite beautiful song, which seems fully-formed, and thus odd that it would never have been mixed before now.

"Remember When" Been a while since I heard Rear Enz, so I'd forgotten how beautiful this song is. Probably the definitive version.

"Hermit McDermitt" We now get a longer outro as opposed to the Spellbound version, and no tape dropouts this time. It's still my favorite version — it just gets so much more unhinged. Although the Frenzy remix did make the competition closer than it used to be.

"Betty" Not that different from the Frenzy version, but for the longer outro, which comes off as very early-'70s-hard rock to me. Not that it's bad, though. The original mix from Frenzy is still my favorite, though — just has that haunting, echoey sheen to it.

"I See Red" I think this goes faster than the original. Though the guitar isn't quite as biting as the Startling version, the energy is great. I think I might like this more!

"Mind Over Matter" I finally deciphered the second line in the chorus: "Break my heart — it won't hurt." Reason enough for this to exist. Sounds a little slower than the Frenzy version, though.

"Next Exit" Darker, and and more piano-driven, than the single version. While I actually like that, this one's better. Solid beat here.

"So This is Love" Reminds me of Alan Parsons Project's "Eye in the Sky." Pretty, and sits well here. There are a couple of tape dropouts, but otherwise this sounds very CD-friendly.

"Abu Dhabi" No vocals, again. This actually sounds like a demo — most of the musical ideas pop up, though it doesn't flow so smoothly at first.

"Famous People" This sounds a bit slow, ; I think the remixed Frenzy is the best one. Still, more lyrics.

"I'm So Up As others have said, could have been a Swingers song; but it works well here — love the synth line.

"Marooned" Not very different to the Frenzy version, but there's something about this one makes me like it more. And more bonus lyrics!

"Livin' It Up" It's nuts. I love it. (And I think it's Tim, too.)

"Frenzy" Another work in progress, but one near completion. The goin' round the bend is more crazed here, as you might expect, which is a plus.

So, fantastic set. Thanks so much to Enz and the Frenz for putting it together.

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