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Originally posted by chrismawn:
Ahh - thats it im off to Brisvegas for sure..

PG just written now:

"You will hear from me within the next 48 hours. This should make some of you VERY happy and about as exclusive as it gets!"

See your email from him for more details!

I'm also on the VIP list and the last email I got was 11th of April.

How do I get on this other email list?
Nothing in my inbox. What am i missing out on?
Maybe it's for Brisbane Lions supporters only.

Go Lions. Big Grin
Luv the Lions!

Or maybe Peter's computer has gone into meltdown mode again. Maybe the information super-highway is just plain old grid-locked.

Or maybe we're just mushrooms Hk. Frowner

Could go well in filo pastry though. Smiler
It is getting dark in here though. Hello?? Eeker
Originally posted by hk:
Hey Seany, Suzanne suggested I contact PG so I did, and it does seem that I'd fallen off his VIP and Frenz list so he dusted me down, put me back on, and sent the email.

So, yeah, gremlins in the system, matey (I blame John Howard). Or Leigh Matthews

Ok, thanks for that Hk. Thought that might be the case. Glad i'm not the only one that gets gremlins in the system. Big Grin shall re-subscribe.

Darn new fangled technology. Courier Pigeons??
Bring them back!

John who? Never heard of him. Does he play for The Deamons? Or do you mean the chappy that played Bob Jelly in Sea Change? Go the tiges! Smiler

Oh, almost forgot. Shhhhhh!
Be vewy, vewy qwiet. Wink
Last edited by Seany
No the band rehearsals won't be in Brisbane, but the special 'thing' for those 100+ club members IS.

As mentioned just keep this off the Internet to avoid anyone attempting to gate crash. You MUST be on the List and have an active membership.
Keep your membership number with you too for extra ID.

All 100+ spots have totally been gobbled up, so please NO MORE EMAILS.

You should all have the time, do not be late as the doors will be locked and won't be opened for anyone. You also have my tour mobile number which is only to be used the day before to double check the time of this 'Frenz bonus event'?

Originally posted by hk:
Sssssssssssssshh?????? Dunno why, we're just talking email glitches! Smiler

Did you get 'the email' yet Seany?

No! Nothing but a tin of red herrings in my Inbox Hk. Anyone would think it was the Da Vinci Code or something.

Hmm, Red Herrings to sing at an undisclosed location? What does it all mean? & what happened to the kippers? Eeker
To be consumed... er continued. Smiler

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