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Hi folks, relatively new to the forum. Sort of just realized that I can initiate a topic. Actually, I'm looking for some info---Love this Life by Neil Finn?? Can someone direct me or give any info on this? Is this a book about Neil or by Neil or regarding Neil's lyrics? Can't find it on Amazon. I have the Once Removed Book, can't recommend it enough, I've seen it mentioned in other threads. Sorry if this inquiry is repetitive or if this has been covered before but I figure this is the place to ask! Any info is greatly appreciated.
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Well I like to think of myself as a "completist", so I'll try & track down Once Removed Smiler .

Apparently Love This Life is really hard to find in Australia, because some lady at Angus & Robertson (Melb. city) said they're out she couldn't even order it in for me! Lucky I took a look anyway & managed to find the little bastard for (I think) AU$27 Roll Eyes ... but awesome book to have!

How would I go about finding Once Removed in Australia? Apparently it's pretty expensive. I
wouldn't like to order it off the net, so anyone know of a store that would stock it? It took me a while to find Love This Life & I don't remember coming across Once Removed in my searches, so... rare? Smiler How much am I looking at cost wise? Cheers in advance.
Thanks Peter, I'm so behind the times on everything, it doesn't surprise me one bit that the book was available through the fan club and now it's gone. As for Once Removed, I also got mine from (U.S.A.) because (Canada) didn't have it in stock or something like that. I also ordered the Crowded House Dreaming the Videos DVD with my order of the book, so they both arrived together (also not available through at the time, might be now though)So you can imagine, I was in Crowded House/Neil Finn heaven that weekend!
Actually I cracked the book open and it was sooooo good, I forced myself to put it down and then I watched the dvd twice and by the time that was done it was time to find a quiet spot and finish reading the book. I love 'treats' like that. Sort of like today--another double whammy, got my fanclub order in the mail--two cds. It's a sweet quandry when you're not sure which one to jump into first, but I ain't complainin!!

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