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I always liked this song musically but found it kind of cloying lyrically - because i hadn't really listened to it.  The other day I heard this song properly and realized it's actually about disconnection. Song is instantly elevated in my estimation and i feel bad for dismissing it as 'a bit twee'.

Happy this album is still revealing itself to me. I'd be interested if others have had a similar experience with any of the songs on DAW.

It wouldn't hurt to hear you say, although it's just a turn of phrase, "I love you".

Looking for a revelation maybe, or visions of the underworld.
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The talky talk part reminds me of a Taco Bell commercial from the nineties. Just one of the times the blending voices sound different than predominant Neil (the other being "and they will tell you WYW".

From the toy piano in Sweet tooth to the nilfun mix in Deeper Down, this album is awash in little dazzles. I'm really enjoying it. Love you do.

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