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Last I heard, Phil was going to give it the old girl guide try and get the new album finished in the next four months or so...

Here is the JUDDALISED TRACKLISTING for LOVE IS A MORON as of late December:

4) The PRICK
14) SIT & SPIN

Phil said it's a 7-track album with 8 BONUS TRACKS!!! Hah hah...

There are a few other odd tracks that may or may not make the album -- "Syd" (AKA "Red Rover"), "Spit The Dummy," and "Abattoir of Love" (a potential title track at one point)... Hopefully, we'll see one or more of these turn up on an I LIKE IT RARE compilation...

Of course, this is all subjective to change in his mind's eye and yours at any given moment!!! Such is the world and reality, right???

BUT I just wanted to give everyone more to ponder and get excited about!!!

I've heard rough sketches of more than half the album's tracks and I must say HE'S GOT SOME REALLY GREAT MATERIAL TO WORK WITH!!!
"My parents beat me cos I laughed
or something like that."
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Originally posted by Philtrum:
Originally posted by Electric Elf:
Here is the JUDDALISED TRACKLISTING for LOVE IS A MORON as of late December:

Speaking of morons, by December, do you mean December 2006 or December 2007???

Phil shared that tracklisting late December of last year. Of course, it will most likely evolve and change as he works on the album. Nothing is written in stone as yet. Such is the creative process.
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
I wasn't sure if it was OK here to call you a dwarf, so I went for Gob(lin). And that's North Island speak.

Lightning Gob has a nice ring to it. It gave me an immediate and vivid picture in my head of Rip Van Winkle set in the mountains on the South Island.

I wonder if Phil could write a song about Van Winkle in such a setting and get Alastair Galbraith to do some narration on it! ...for the new album!!! Hahhhh!!!

Thanks, Jaffa! You've given me a great new name to use someplace or other...
I just wanted to let everyone know that Phil appears to be full steam ahead with his work on the new album -- Love Is A Moron. Check out the brilliant work in progress called "Painting Pictures With Words" on Phil's myspace:

And I noticed that several people on the "Ideal Judd Comp" thread haven't listed any tracks from Novelty Act, so I'm guessin' they don't have the album yet. It's not too late to order an autographed copy directly from Phil at this link:

If you haven't gotten Novelty Act yet, then just know that some of your favorite Judd songs are still waiting to be heard! I'm guessing Phil only has less than 100 copies left, so don't delay any longer!
In case you haven't dropped in on Phil's myspace in a while, he's got some new works in progress a-streaming -- "Hug", "Be My", and the already classic "Wankers"!!!

These are all under consideration for the upcoming Love Is A Moron.

Phil has been keeping very busy working on his solo material and his side project with bassist Roger Grierson of the seminal Aussie punk band the Thought Criminals.
Not to sound too much like it's the same 2 voices banging on about this all the time, but (IMHO) all the tracks up on the MySpace player at the moment are quite something and a real indication that LIAM is going to be quite the el-bum...

Give em' all a listen:

Putty in My Hands - a raucous wee rocker
Hangin' by a Thread - what a hook to that chorus!!
Wankers - Enz history lesson (with a tune!)
Be My - Phil channels some of that Swingers-era Phil, proving the old bugger's still got it.
Can of Worms - Worms! On one heck of a hook!
Hug - Yoy - Mr Phudd laid bare... heartbreakin' emotional stuff... no Novelty Acts here...
No, it's not out yet. I imagine it may be finished by later this year, but it's hard to say. Like I mentioned before, Phil's got the project with Roger Grierson going on as well that should also result in some sort of release -- an EP perhaps with a full-length to follow.

He's got a lot that he's juggling right now, but I promise it will all be worth the wait!
Glad to hear the Juddster has been beavering away in his studio electronique, creating musique cest funtastique. No doubt the muse will be a little worse for wear, come the end of the year.

Ep with Roger Grierson! Now there's a duet i'd fly half way round the world to see perform at the Paddo Town Hall. Definately look forward to that one....!!! Cool
Yeah he came by a few days ago with son Pete for a visit and he says Love Is A Moron is about 85-90% done...

If all goes well signed copies will be available via the club and hopefully an Interview in the next newsletter (in a few months time).

He took some snaps and is designing the glorious cover art for my next diary book TRIP...will I regret letting him have a free range (egg?) with it? Nahhhhhhhh... be nice to have the cover have a Juddesque look.

So the wheels are turning still....


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