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Last I heard, Phil was going to give it the old girl guide try and get the new album finished in the next four months or so...

Here is the JUDDALISED TRACKLISTING for LOVE IS A MORON as of late December:

4) The PRICK
14) SIT & SPIN

Phil said it's a 7-track album with 8 BONUS TRACKS!!! Hah hah...

There are a few other odd tracks that may or may not make the album -- "Syd" (AKA "Red Rover"), "Spit The Dummy," and "Abattoir of Love" (a potential title track at one point)... Hopefully, we'll see one or more of these turn up on an I LIKE IT RARE compilation...

Of course, this is all subjective to change in his mind's eye and yours at any given moment!!! Such is the world and reality, right???

BUT I just wanted to give everyone more to ponder and get excited about!!!

I've heard rough sketches of more than half the album's tracks and I must say HE'S GOT SOME REALLY GREAT MATERIAL TO WORK WITH!!!
"My parents beat me cos I laughed
or something like that."
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Originally posted by Philtrum:
Originally posted by Electric Elf:
Here is the JUDDALISED TRACKLISTING for LOVE IS A MORON as of late December:

Speaking of morons, by December, do you mean December 2006 or December 2007???

Phil shared that tracklisting late December of last year. Of course, it will most likely evolve and change as he works on the album. Nothing is written in stone as yet. Such is the creative process.
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
I wasn't sure if it was OK here to call you a dwarf, so I went for Gob(lin). And that's North Island speak.

Lightning Gob has a nice ring to it. It gave me an immediate and vivid picture in my head of Rip Van Winkle set in the mountains on the South Island.

I wonder if Phil could write a song about Van Winkle in such a setting and get Alastair Galbraith to do some narration on it! ...for the new album!!! Hahhhh!!!

Thanks, Jaffa! You've given me a great new name to use someplace or other...
I just wanted to let everyone know that Phil appears to be full steam ahead with his work on the new album -- Love Is A Moron. Check out the brilliant work in progress called "Painting Pictures With Words" on Phil's myspace:

And I noticed that several people on the "Ideal Judd Comp" thread haven't listed any tracks from Novelty Act, so I'm guessin' they don't have the album yet. It's not too late to order an autographed copy directly from Phil at this link:

If you haven't gotten Novelty Act yet, then just know that some of your favorite Judd songs are still waiting to be heard! I'm guessing Phil only has less than 100 copies left, so don't delay any longer!
In case you haven't dropped in on Phil's myspace in a while, he's got some new works in progress a-streaming -- "Hug", "Be My", and the already classic "Wankers"!!!

These are all under consideration for the upcoming Love Is A Moron.

Phil has been keeping very busy working on his solo material and his side project with bassist Roger Grierson of the seminal Aussie punk band the Thought Criminals.
Not to sound too much like it's the same 2 voices banging on about this all the time, but (IMHO) all the tracks up on the MySpace player at the moment are quite something and a real indication that LIAM is going to be quite the el-bum...

Give em' all a listen:

Putty in My Hands - a raucous wee rocker
Hangin' by a Thread - what a hook to that chorus!!
Wankers - Enz history lesson (with a tune!)
Be My - Phil channels some of that Swingers-era Phil, proving the old bugger's still got it.
Can of Worms - Worms! On one heck of a hook!
Hug - Yoy - Mr Phudd laid bare... heartbreakin' emotional stuff... no Novelty Acts here...
No, it's not out yet. I imagine it may be finished by later this year, but it's hard to say. Like I mentioned before, Phil's got the project with Roger Grierson going on as well that should also result in some sort of release -- an EP perhaps with a full-length to follow.

He's got a lot that he's juggling right now, but I promise it will all be worth the wait!
Glad to hear the Juddster has been beavering away in his studio electronique, creating musique cest funtastique. No doubt the muse will be a little worse for wear, come the end of the year.

Ep with Roger Grierson! Now there's a duet i'd fly half way round the world to see perform at the Paddo Town Hall. Definately look forward to that one....!!! Cool
Yeah he came by a few days ago with son Pete for a visit and he says Love Is A Moron is about 85-90% done...

If all goes well signed copies will be available via the club and hopefully an Interview in the next newsletter (in a few months time).

He took some snaps and is designing the glorious cover art for my next diary book TRIP...will I regret letting him have a free range (egg?) with it? Nahhhhhhhh... be nice to have the cover have a Juddesque look.

So the wheels are turning still....

Cool!! -Hanging By a Thread - Nobody Home and REMINDmeTOforget .. are excellent phil .. hard to put a handle on the sound - very Island like.. shall we call it your "Hemingway Segway" Big Grin .. seriously .. these new songs are really great.

Too many Swedish backpackers .. And You're a slob .. get yaself a feckin housekeeper Big Grin Wink
Originally posted by Electric Elf:
Phil's got some new works streaming on his myspace -- "Remind Me to Forget" with new vocal and ending, and um... errrm... some other strange new tune!!!

Check 'em out:-:-Red Face)!!!

You've been imortalised in song Elfman! Eeker
Art imitating life, imitating art?
You lucky sod, what i wouldn't give to be imortalised in song, (although Radiohead came close with their first single without naming me in the chorus. Shame)

Some very tasty teasers there, just have to wait for the main course now. Only hope it's a double-album!! Wink
Originally posted by Seany.:
You've been imortalised in song Elfman! Eeker
Art imitating life, imitating art?
You lucky sod, what i wouldn't give to be imortalised in song...

Yeah, it's a strange thing indeed.

Wasn't that Seona Dancing supposed to be about you?

Phil has one of his tunes with Roger Grierson up on his myspace if anyone's curious...
so he's working away on the final track.

There should be a full page Judd interview in the next glossy newsletter, and at a guess "Love ..." is out late November-December (depending on pressings etc).

The track listing still is not 100% but I think he's close to making decisions on the final cut.

So it continues to roll along folks.
Yeah, Phil has just roughed out the final song for Love Is A Moron. It's called "Shy" and is streaming on his myspace now:::

All the tunes he has streaming at the moment are serious contenders for the album. Give 'em all a listen!

Now, he just needs to put all the finishing touches on things and finish the artwork and she's all done! As with Mr. Phudd & His Novelty Act, Phil intends to have artwork for each song
Yeah I'm hoping to have signed copies via the club (and if all goes well another special Judd bonus for club members with this album) hoping for a December release. A lot obviously depends on pressing and Phil having all the parts ready. But still early Dec. There may be a VIP email over the next week with more details on this for club members who are on the clubs VIP email service.

He's working on the art side of the cd booklet but took time out to sign the first batch of Mental Notes covers (in fine gold pen) god bless him. (:

So it's all moving along.

He's now just working out the track listing. I'm hoping he sticks to the track version he mailed us recently as it 'feels' just right.

Nice that it's 14 songs, (or '8 tracks and 6 bonus'as he has on the front art *GRIN*).

Aussie club members will get an update sheet over the next few days but the bulk of the Judd-Love Is.... info including interview will be in the next glossy newsletter.

The wheels are turning...
Yes about 50 of the 100 have been spoken for.

We start filming next week... sales info for the cd was mentioned on the recent VIP email via the club as well as the aussie mailout (update)

If somehow club members missed those they can email me ( include full name-address and if possible membership number & ask for information on Phil Judds cd and bonus disc.
Interview was fun, which is also code for 'how the f**k do we edit this' *grin*.

A nice bonus for those first 100 and it will probably end with a solo by Phil on his new 'guitar' (and that's all I'm saying). Trying to figure out what to have printed on the Interview dvdrs...'A Conversation with Phil" (*grin*) 'Phil Judd Moron Interview' (think his perverse humour would enjoy that one). (:

After several months Love Is A Moron still gets so many plays in the office- I really enjoyed Novelty Act but I truly believe 'Moron' really is his best work so far. It really does deserve a full record company release- so that saddens me some what.

The Unthinkables CD, I enjoyed some of it but I truly like Judds work for his lyrics so it's not as enjoyable (for me) but it's just peoples taste, some people will love The Unthinkables and it wouldn't surprise me if it gets a totally different following. But yeah it's 'Love Is A Moron' that gets the thumbs up from us....and if all goes well only 3 weeks till some club members have it (with the bonus disc).

WOW! I didn't expect this so soon... Love Is A Moron is now available from Phil hisself to anyone and everyone!!!

The CD is $28 AUD (Australian Dollars) postpaid. You can send payment to Phil at his PayPal account

I don't see a link at yet, but I'm sure there'll be one soon.

This is such a great and sudden surprise!

I agree with Mr. Peter Green... I think this CD in many respects is even better than Novelty Act! I'm super excited for people to hear this one!
Phil's dropping into Ailsa Craig this weekend with a car load of signed LOVE IS A MORON cds for the club. So we starts sending these out (signed with bonus dvd) on Monday. Remember we are up against christmas mail so please allow for that.

We have about 20 copies left (signed) with the bonus dvd so any club members after one of these email me and you can still get it with the bonus.

Nice to say STOCK IS ARRIVING! Go Juddy!
As per the other post, we did get all our signed MORON cds (with bonus dvdr) posted- I know from Emails some of the Aussie fans have received it already.

The club has now ran out of stock BUT we are getting a final 20 signed copies (with bonus dvdr) over the next week+ for those who are late ordering it. Email me if you are a club member & still need a signed copy with the dvdr.

Hi - good question. I know Phil did produce a lot of art for a booklet, but if you didn't receive it, it might have been cut from the manufacturing process due to costs (with no label to pony up the advance costs, it's all self-financed.

I'll check with the man and, if that is the case, I'll see about getting a pdf download on the site.
Actually he didn't check the booklet Aka, just the cds. He brought them up here, they wern't sent. I checked them for the CD (but not the booklet).
I've sent the 2 people Phils email address so they can hassle him for booklets.
I've also suggested to Phil to check his stock before he sends any out in case they don't have any booklets.
If anyway receives a copy without a booklet just Email Phil. I'm sure it's just one or two that the CD printers somehow missed.
I have zero (Phil has all the stock) and plenty to spare so I'm sure he can send out the 2 booklets without a hassle.
Originally posted by gryphon:
Actually he didn't check the booklet Aka, just the cds. He brought them up here, they wern't sent. I checked them for the CD (but not the booklet).

Whoops - didn't mean to sound like I was doubting you Gryph - just wanted to make sure the booklets were definitely missing before Phil starts yelling at his printers Smiler

Happy new year y'all
Yeah Phil just emailed me that there was a box of 66 at least that he didn't check, so I'd say the 2 came from that...

In orders of a thousand they tend to mess up a couple, it happens with the I Like It rare cds too, I think the covers and booklets are inserted manually so boredom of doing such tasks would lead to a few mistakes at the CD place I'm sure.

Being digi packs it's not so obvious when the booklet isn't included, on jewel cases you spot it instantly....

Anyway just email him if your copy didn't have the booklet and I'm sure he'll fix you up.

Enjoy the CD updates; hope to own PJ's latest offerings soon.

You are perhaps the best to ask - can you divulge is "The Artist Formerly Known as Phil Judd - Split Enz Founding Member", now "The Artist Currently Known as Phil Judd - Standout Musician In His Own Write" pleased with sales?

Any pre-authorised accidental leaks/ secrets coming out from the Phudd cave?
My fave song (via Myspace) was SHY, love the vulnerability, BUT fans are fickle ay, now it's Vixen - cause it's played less; I like to veer away from the crowd, so I'm very into it! (Will open a thread for that... ) But it has some great hooks… like the Vixen I guess.

I am pleasantly surprised how strong PJ’s voice is. It has aged well, whether because his voice is in the higher register, or he sings a lot round the house, whatever? It sounds like he finished the Swingers last album and then went on to this!

I think of another ex-Enzer I heard sing live recently, it caused me to cringe as their voice was weak and wobbly. He did not have a naturally strong voice and perhaps overlooked the importance of practice to keep the voice strong. I felt he took his talent for granted because of the Enz association, but I don’t think you can do that. You have to work hard these days to win an ever more music-savvy audience.
Fanx Jaffaman for news; 2 late by 1 measly hour - grrrr. Can't see Music 101 on list for Replayz so will just hav to wait for my CD order to be 'procezzed'. (Sorry 2 much txting - tz diztortn de English langwij!)

(PS - I felt glad that someone/s put the effort into making 'Enzology', to record the history of the Enz. 'Twas interesting to hear the Enz story in their own words and music. Well done to you and those involved.)
Originally posted by Fluidity:
I think of another ex-Enzer I heard sing live recently, it caused me to cringe as their voice was weak and wobbly. He did not have a naturally strong voice and perhaps overlooked the importance of practice to keep the voice strong. I felt he took his talent for granted because of the Enz association, but I don’t think you can do that. You have to work hard these days to win an ever more music-savvy audience.

Ouch! That's cold.
I don't think there's anything definitive that can be said about how an artist's voice holds up as they age.

Some people are lucky (in addition to Phil, Peter Gabriel springs to mind - able to overdub live Genesis vocals almost 30 years after the fact?) some are really unlucky (Elton John - no comparison from his early stuff to what he does now) and others adapt to it as best they can.

From what I know of Phil, I don't think he's undertaken any specific regimen - I think he just falls into the 'lucky' camp. Also, if you think about how most of what he produced in the 90s was soundtrack material, I don't know how much the vocal chords were getting a work out over those years.

Then again, maybe that helped him. Seems to me to be a veritable crapshoot whether you can maintain your sound over the length of a modern music career...

Anyway, moving on, anyone got any more thoughts on the album at hand?
I don't quite agree with Aka O Miru about nothing definitive to say about the aging voicee.

Bear with me as my POV is from knowing & watching a choir director/ composer for 10 years; over & over saw improved performance of his singers simply thru' extra song practices & use of warmup exercises for voice.

When I saw this Enzer, a 'professional' sing weakly I was surprised. Wrongly assumed his voice would be well prepared (like a choir's, I guess).

So - why didn't he notice it himself & fix it? (Another poster on FF has mentioned this elsewhere too so it's not just me.) And didn't a friend/ family-member/ co-musician say something? Or maybe he ignored advice??

I'm not sure, but I wasn't being cruel, more thinking, with my limited knowledge, it seemed disappointing that someone who uses their voice to make a living wasn't 100% on best form. (more to say, takes too long...)

I know how hard my friend worked to get vocals spot on & have seen how results come fairly fast, if you commit to the work. Well worth the effort. Thanks.
Yeh - there's plenty out there... W's & V's.

Just hearing W**kers for the first time today, tis interesting....

It's gotta be a kick in the pants to be a part of staking a place in music history, only to be treated like a leper - so untouchable or 'difficult' you can't be involved to celebrate that role, even in a small way...

That's not to say there weren't things that needed saying or mending to build bridges, but from the outside view it does look extremely unforgiving, ungracious & cold, cold, cold.

What was so intolerable about PJ that he couldn't be there? I'm thinking there is some unspeakable but vital piece of info missing here... (werevolves don't exist right?)
(This is also what disappointed me about the afore-mentioned Enz performance.)

Energetic Marketing (the best way to describe itSmiler

If you write songs & perform music for a living, then you hope to sell what you created for money, right. As well as being a creator, you also ARE a type of product. Artists have their ‘aura’ (not new age type), whether true or manufactured, which people factor into what they're buying. You would be aware that your personality, face, image, performance, lifestyle, history, and associations are an extension of promoting your music. (Marketing is a huge industry!)

Having ‘fame’ does increase the likelihood of sales, since people know you & trust you can deliver the goods, but it is not a guaranteed-meal ticket, especially in NZ.

The bug-bear for me was imagining I made an album –
I’d want it to be the best damn thing it could, for my satisfaction and to captivate the audience. I’d promote the album to the highest standard, so afterwards there were no regrets. Capture the momentum and do all I could to get it out there; via every marketing avenue available.

Even with past success I’d be thinking of the competition; trying to find a niche; etc & especially captivate audiences with the 1st hearing, by ensuring it is strong & brilliant. You would want to leave the best impression so listeners say ‘more please’. Every musical & professional aspect would have to be excellent, surely. Is this too idealistic? No, not if you love music & it’s your life.

In live performance you have to bring something strong, fresh and new, because while audiences love talent, they will not enjoy low standards of music production or performance. So many people make their own music at home for fun, so they know if it’s weak & even how to improve it. They may respect your 'reputation' & clap, but don’t expect a record sale to follow.

If you give it all to the writing but can’t be bothered to give it ALL to the promotion of what earns you a living, then it seems kind of rude. It’s like saying "oh it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. I’ve finished the album, so my part is done... (Isn't that just the start?)
From Elf to Eel & back again??

The reincarnationists would have a field day with that one...

Dream sequence: Prof. Dorm Ant speaks to camera:
"Yezz, we believe the Electric Eel was the original ancestor of the Electric Elf-man. This has been scientifically verified & confirmed through somewhat vague yet distinctly clear hallucinegory evidence. We have not many doubts that he went through the process widely know as 'heavolution'.

Thizz physiological shift enabled the Eel to develop 'uman-like features such as limbs, facial fluff, a hair-trigger temper & 'omocidal leisure activities. The brain went into fiery overload, once the emergant Elf-man left the swamps confines, because he learnt he'd accidentally sparked a worldwide fashion revolt, through his rather resourceful act of clothing himself in 1970's Flame-Resistant Curtains, to hide his remaining eel belly..."



Gawshhh! Who sed mirakles don't hapin? It seemz Mr Juddz not forgotin in Keewee Land afta all- (fonetikly we hav a truly awfill ax-ent, ay). Hiz nu releasiz (plural!!) hav impactid NZ media earz akross the ditch finallee...

That's exhausting, back to 'propa' English -

Flicked on TVNZ's Good Morning show at the very moment of album reviews, not really paying attention, but just about had a panic attack, when glancing up saw not ONE but TWO of The Juddster's albums being PLUGGED on NAtional telly. In close up I might add.

(I kid you not - this REALLY happened!)

LIAM & The Unthinkables both were shown & got positive commendations from the interviewer. With a close up of the EL-BUM covers we all smiled now we know Mr Judd's background a little more intimately after this pivotal moment in NZ's telly history.

As it was on Sky HD at the time, it was recorded, so in this stunned state I replayed it to confirm 'twas no apparition...

If time later, will give quotes.

Forget about love; 'aint good reviews grand!

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