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Gawshhh! Who sed mirakles don't hapin? It seemz Mr Juddz not forgotin in Keewee Land afta all- (fonetikly we hav a truly awfill ax-ent, ay). Hiz nu releasiz (plural!!) hav impactid NZ media earz akross the ditch finallee...

That's exhausting, back to 'propa' English -

Flicked on TVNZ's Good Morning show at the very moment of album reviews, not really paying attention, but just about had a panic attack, when glancing up saw not ONE but TWO of The Juddster's albums being PLUGGED on NAtional telly. In close up I might add.

(I kid you not - this REALLY happened!)

LIAM & The Unthinkables both were shown & got positive commendations from the interviewer. With a close up of the EL-BUM covers we all smiled now we know Mr Judd's background a little more intimately after this pivotal moment in NZ's telly history.

As it was on Sky HD at the time, it was recorded, so in this stunned state I replayed it to confirm 'twas no apparition...

If time later, will give quotes.

Forget about love; 'aint good reviews grand!

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