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Ive been noticing a good number of new uploads on youtube lately with ripper vintage shows from ch and neil.

under a couple of different user names.

Noticeably gromit3577 who has more than a couple - some are xlnt too from ch2.0 2007, others from tim era... neil live shows r good too. Bunch of german tv recordings among them.

another good one from user “image factory productions kissinger” ...

wondering if these have been timed for strategic release by someone in the know who had collated them all and putting them out to create more buzz.

Im not complaining. Enjoy

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One I saw today which brought back memories was a UK show from ‘96 called Take It To The Bridge ( I’d got mad into CH a few months before, and was so excited to see this cool band I’d been listening to nonstop on tv for the first time. And what do they do? Announce they’re splitting up. Neil Finn, killing me since 1996. 😊

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@Neil posted:

Gromit3577 is me

I've just started moving all the DVD footage I had to HD as the DVDs never get watched, moving them to YT increases my chances of watching them and offers other people the opportunity to see them too.

many thanks for sharing this stuff ! Great to see it . I notice remarks on the Take it to the bridge show that Neil looks thoroughly disinterested , and it's hard to disagree . Such a shame , because for me Neil was playing in the best band in the world

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