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Many of us have been waiting for the moment that we could finally assemble the lost album between Temple of Low Men and Woodface. I know some are interested in the hybrid version in the Something So Strong book, but I prefer a completely new album using only tracks that never made it to Woodface. After the release of Afterglow we had 8 such tracks, then the I Like It Rare fan club disc gave us "My Legs Are Gone" and finally with the deluxe edition we get "Fields are Full of Your Kind." I have been waiting for so long to sequence and enjoy this lost album, which I have been referring to as Another World Waiting from the lyric in "Anyone Can Tell". I've played with a lot of arrangements, but here's my suggested running order:

  1. Anyone Can Tell
  2. I Love You Dawn
  3. Recurring Dream
  4. Left Hand
  5. My Legs Are Gone
  6. Sacred Cow
  7. Fields are Full of your Kind
  8. Dr. Livingston
  9. My Telly's Gone Bung
  10. Time Immemorial

I chose not to include "She's Not There" as it's a cover song that fits more with Temple of Low Men. I also chose to include the Afterglow version of Recurring Dream, which was finalized in this post-ToLM period and is so good that it deserves a place on an album like this. For cover art I've been using Afterglow, but I'm interested to see if anything in the deluxe editions would make a more appropriate cover image.

Curious to know if anyone else has a take on this lost album or track sequencing. This, combined with the York St. Sessions means that my Crowded House collection now has eight albums of original material, not just seven (note that I had to toss out Afterglow)!

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Love your idea of a lost album, as well as the album title you came up with. I actually remember you mentioning this a while back, and even searched for the topic when I was re-organising my digital collection.

She's Not There, despite being a cover version, is the perfect bridge between ToLM and Woodface. No reason to not include it! That's 11 songs.

You'll also be able to throw the full version of I'm Still Here on the end now it's been released on the Woodface bonus disc. That makes 12 tracks.

Also, why have you excluded Be My Guest, You Got Me Going, Burnt Out Tree, Creek Song and I May Be Late? These have all now been released on the Woodface bonus disc. Is it because they were recorded after the Woodface sessions or something? Of because some of them are demos? As far as I'm concerned, demo versions are fine, as long as they are of decent enough quality.

Throw Your Arms Around Me, the 1990 Finn Brothers studio version, could definitely be added too I would have thought.

Then there's the out-takes from the 1990 Finn Brothers sessions. Tracks like Prodigal Son, etc. Even the Catherine Wheels demo, although that may be pushing it, since it ended up on the next Crowded House album.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Hey, Stew! Glad you enjoy this. I think those are all valid observations. I admit that I made some purely artistic decisions about what I thought should and should not be included. I wanted an album of fully-produced non-demo songs that represented the band prior to Tim's involvement. I did indeed have "She's Not There" in the sequence for many iterations but at the end of the day I decided that an album of ten all original material was stronger and more inline with the Crowded House ethos. Also, "She's Not There" leans just a bit too far toward ToLM for this project and doesn't have enough of the pre-Woodface vibe that many of these tracks have.

Can't very well include "The Creek Song" and "Left Hand" since they share the same chorus and I think "Left Hand" is the more settled version of the song.

I think one silly Paul song is plenty, so I'll leave "I'm Still Here" as the final track of Woodface (though I could see myself replacing the partial version with the full version).

What's your track list for the lost 5th album Painaporo?  I've settled on the tracks for mine but not an order:

Help Is Coming, Anthem, I Don't Know You, Taste of Something Divine, Spirit of the Stairs (York St Demo), Loose Tongue, Instinct (York St Demo) Everything Is Good For You, Not The Girl, bonus track Instinct (single version)

Here are my most updated lost Crowdies albums:

  1. Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend
  2. Stranger Underneath Your Skin
  3. That's What I Call Love 
  4. Can't Carry On
  5. Walking on the Spot
  6. Grabbing by the Handfuls
  7. Oblivion
  8. Walking on the Pier
  9. Now We're Getting Somewhere
  10. Love You 'til the Day I Die
  11. Recurring Dream
  12. Hole in the River
  13. Don't Dream It's Over

All Mullanes demos, though Love You 'til the Day I Die and Recurring Dream were not included on the bonus disc and Grabbing by the Handfuls is a live version. Cover art is my own creation featuring screen grabs for various Mullanes clips on YouTube.

  1. Recurring Dream
  2. Dr. Livingstone
  3. Anyone Can Tell
  4. Sacred Cow
  5. I Love You Dawn
  6. Left Hand
  7. My Legs Are Gone
  8. Fields Are Full of Your Kind
  9. My Telly's Gone Bung
  10. Time Immemorial

Resequenced from my original track listing after much listening. Recurring Dream is such an amazing opener, it just can't be denied. Also, I moved Dr. Livingstone up to the top to really emphasize what I might call the "sunny South African" vibe of the cover art and to also really emphasize that traveling to Africa was a big part of Neil's life at that point and did directly impact his song writing. Though I think the other major Africa reference appears in As Sure As I Am where he sings about rhinos. Cover art is my own creation and features African carvings and a map of Mozambique.

  1. Newcastle Jam
  2. Anthem
  3. Instinct
  4. Everything is Good For You
  5. You Can Touch
  6. Taste of Something Divine
  7. Not the Girl You Think You Are
  8. My Time is Now
  9. Convent Girls
  10. Help is Coming
  11. Spirit of the Stairs

I'm sure for some my inclusion of tracks recorded at Karekare will be a nonstarter, but it works for me. Perhaps because I was introduced to so many of them at the same time (the release of the sets). I also pulled in Paul's My Time Is Now, which dates back to the same era, though was not recorded with the band. I tried Mark's I Don't Know You, but it just didn't sound like Crowded House to me. Cover art by the amazing Reg Mombassa. I took the font from the recent Opera House posters. I had to use the number "6" for the letter "G" and create my own "W" from two "V's" because those letters did not appear on the poster.

  1. Most Unwanted (MTV live)
  2. Instinct (FWTTW demo)
  3. Be My Guest (live)
  4. Not the Girl You Think You Are (demo)
  5. Dots on the Shell (acoustic TV performance)
  6. Everything is Good For You (demo)
  7. Loose Tongue (rough mix)
  8. Falling Star (acoustic radio performance)
  9. I Don't Know You (demo)
  10. Spirit of the Stairs (demo)
  11. I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Complete (demo)

Odds & ends from 1994-1996 that go well together. Font used on the cover is the same font used for the Fingers of Love singles.

  1. Gove Lives Over the Road, First Movement
  2. Nonsense of Course
  3. Archer's Arrows (alt. version)
  4. Distance Across 
  5. Saturday Sun (alt. version)
  6. Two Minutes of Silence
  7. Won't Be Silent Anymore
  8. Here's a Note
  9. Strangest Friends (alt. version)
  10. Purple Light
  11. Stare Me Out (alt. version)
  12. Better Things
  13. Bound to Rescue
  14. God Lives Over the Road, Second Movement

A collection of things from the TOE and Intriguer periods that I thought went well together. I split God Lives... into two pieces in the obvious place making for a nice way to bookend the set. I found the cover art image online. I just liked it.

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Always impressed with your detail, Painaporo. 

I have a "Falling Star" that is marked as a demo, it is about 1:48 long. Just sounds like Neil on acoustic guitar. Do you think this is the same, or is your acoustic radio performance full band? Also, it that Dots on the Shell with Crowded House? What TV performance was that? If Pete is on those two, I would love to have them.

Steve Shealy posted:

Always impressed with your detail, Painaporo. 

I have a "Falling Star" that is marked as a demo, it is about 1:48 long. Just sounds like Neil on acoustic guitar. Do you think this is the same, or is your acoustic radio performance full band? Also, it that Dots on the Shell with Crowded House? What TV performance was that? If Pete is on those two, I would love to have them.

"Falling Star" is the acoustic radio performance from 1998. Always liked it but never knew what to do with it. "Dots on the Shell" is with Yothu Yindi and not CH. "Be My Guest" is also not with CH, it's that live internet performance from 1995, I think.

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