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I will be receiving a new CD in a few days, and I have only limited information about it. I'm hoping someone in this forum can help fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

The CD is a live (perhaps FM broadcast?) Split enz Show from 1980. Tim mentions near the beginning something to the effect of "great to be here in London."

Can anyone tell me the origin of this recording, and possibly any other info? Thanks.
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Sounds like it might be Split Enz live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 27 September 1980. The show was recorded by the BBC for one of a series of radio broadcasts. There is a (very rare!) 14-track promo LP and video of this concert.

How did you manage to find it on CD?

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Thanks for the info. I'm a collector/trader of such things. I would assume that somewhere along the way, another trader "burned" it to CDR. You'd be surprised what all's made the transfer to CDR these days...I recently got a CDR of Tim Finn live at the (London) Borderline '93, and I hadn't even known it existed a few weeks earlier!

I will have the live Enz in hand late this week or early next. I'd be interested in trading a CDR of that CDR for some other rare/unreleased Enz or similar.
The show does sound like the Hammersmith Odeon gig and as mentioned it is out there on vinyl and video (but impossible to find).

The entire concert is not available anywhere which makes your CDR interesting - the band opened with Double Happy and played more than is on the vinyl I understand. There are 2 different versions of the vinyl as well - the U.S version omits I Hope I Never and Poor Boy so interesting to know if they are on that.

More BBC material that would be so good to hear in a decent format.

Cheers - Lozza.

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