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I found the following in storage:

  • Neil Finn - 9:30 Club Washington DC 18/07/02
  • Crowded House - Nick's Birthday Party 9/12/91
  • Crowded House - Live Los Angeles 06/04/89
  • Crowded House - Paul Is Dead 14/04/94
  • Crowded House - One Night Stand 24/06/92
  • Crowded House - Spooky Vibrations
  • I Like It Rare 2
  • I Like It Rare 3 Tribute to Paul Hester
  • I Like It Rare 4

And a couple of well-known non-club bootlegs:

  • Taking The Weather Live '92
  • Live In New York 1987

Not to mention a whole bunch of CD singles, signed products, etc ...

  • Private Universe single -- Neil signed
  • Nails In My Feet single -- Neil, Nick & Paul (appears to be replacement CD jewel case -- signatures are fine but package is far from mint)
  • Distant Sun single -- Neil, Nick & Paul (appears to be replacement CD jewel case, again signatures are fine but not mint package; also label states part 2 of 2 but I don't recall the story and don't appear to have part 1)
  • Time On Earth album -- Neil
  • EnzSO album -- Neil & Noel
  • Finn album -- Neil & Tim

Okay, most of the stuff I listed has already been claimed and mailed out ... I still have:

  • I Like It Rare 4 (club CD)
  • Taking The Weather Live '92 (early bootleg)
  • Live In New York 1987 (early bootleg)
  • Private Universe single -- Neil signed (single)
  • Time On Earth album -- Neil signed (single)
  • EnzSO album -- Neil & Noel signed (single)
  • Finn album -- Neil & Tim signed (single)


At some point I'll try to put together a list of the other singles and oddities that I've got in case anybody needs them.

FYI, no profiteering here -- my collection is digital, and I've only sold original CDs at or below original purchase cost (to the best of my recall). Just sharing with forum friends ...

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