Just got back from the gig - it was fantastic of course. They kicked off with Anthing Can Happen and I hoped we wouldn't end up with the same setlist as Cambridge, but though a lot was similar there were a few extras thrown in and a couple not played. Still didn't get to hear Message To My Girl, which would have been nice.

I was up in the circle, but not too far back and quite central. Before one song, I think it was Disembodied Voices, someone down in the stalls shouted "Can we stand up!?", to which Neil replied "Of course you can" and it seemed everyone down there stood up. Unfortunately, barely anyone stood up in the circle so I had to make do with dancing in my seat. Until Distant Sun started and I thought s0d it, stood up and started dancing. And most people around eventually got up too.

All in all, a great gig, though not as great an atmosphere for me as being down at the barrier in Cambridge.
Original Post
Forgot to mention that the support acts were Missy Higgins, then Minnie Driver again - who said she wasn't playing London?
Awesome gig - Neil on his knees a foot in front of me, playing his guitar. Doesn't get better than that...
the support acts were Missy Higgins, then Minnie Driver again
Two support acts? I hope that didn't mean the Finns' set was any shorter!
What time did the show finish? I'm a little concerned about getting home after tonight and would hate to spend the evening looking at my watch.
No the show wasn't any shorter. Missy Higgins came on stage at 7. Minnie Driver on as usual at 7.45 and the Finns at 8.45. The show was over last night just gone 10.30.

Great show - the final encore of I See Red (finally heard it at my 4th show this year) and I Got You was really rocking - fantastic!

I'll put some photos up early next week after the Saturday and Sunday shows. Big Grin
Yes it's the morning after, and the ringing in my ears has stopped, but I'm still a little dizzy after last night.

I had stalls tickets which, although a way back from the stage, still gave an awesome view. Yeah, started with Anything Can Happen and Won't Give In, and then moved into 'classic' territory. Let me give you a full set:

Anything Can Happen
Won't Give In
Six Months...
Four Seasons... (with the now obligatory singalong)
Suffer Never (what happened to Neil's guitar in this one? He seemed to be fiddling with his amp for ages.)
and then the comment about having the Grand Piano and an impromptu rendition of what I think was Beethoven
Part of Me, Part of You
and then another comment about how great the Grand was, and that it would be Elton songs all night, followed by another song - was this by Elton???
There Goes God (awesome!)
Dirty Creature

Lizzy - you're right. It was at this point that someone shouted "Can we stand up!". Neil replied "Of course you can f***ing stand up - this is the Hammersmith Apollo, it's tradition!"


Disembodied Voices
Only Talking Sense
Edible Flowers
Distant Sun
It's Only Natural

1st Encore
Nothing Wrong With You
How Will You Go
Weather With You (by this point the entire audience were on their feet - including everyone in the Circle)

2nd Encore
I See Red (almost fainted)
I Got You (almost died!)

I arrived in time to catch the end of Missy Higgins' set, which was quite impressive. Minnie was very impressive, considering I found her studio stuff quite bland. At the end of her set she confessed her undying love for the Finns, and then looked very embarrased. And so she should - they're both married.

And the Finns were amazing and awesome and fantastic and blew me away. They'd better come back next year! On stage they were fantastic; they played off each other and the rest of the band and were full of those witty quips for which they have become known. My particular favourite was Neil saying: "It's great to be here on a Friday night - Guy Fawkes night, in fact... Blowing up the Houses of Parliament, sounds like a good Friday night to me, especially at the moment."

I've uploaded a few pics and videos from last night - go to http://hollingberg.cjb.net and click where it says Finn Brothers 05/11.

Originally posted by Jen:
[qb] Awesome gig - Neil on his knees a foot in front of me, playing his guitar. Doesn't get better than that... [/qb]
OMG....it certainly doesn't! Eeker
Originally posted by Jen:
[qb] Awesome gig - Neil on his knees a foot in front of me, playing his guitar. Doesn't get better than that... [/qb]
hehe that was you huh? We weren't far away from there...what a gig. Had tons more atmosphere than nottingham, mainly thanks to whatever genius called out 'Can't we stand uP?' Me, Chris and his mate then made a beeline for the front and ended up fairly close to tim and neil. Certainly added to the experience. Distant Sun was possibly the best i'd ever heard it and when i see Red came on I think I went kind of mental. Totally an amazing end to seeing the finns this half of the year for me - pls come back next yr! And a special shout out to CJ for a) letting me have the ticket and b) being able to boogey with fellow finn fans, woot!!!!
Yes, was me - and I still can't get over it! Totally awesome experience. So much so I can't remember what song it was when he knelt in front of me!! Can't wait for tonigt - not in the front row by any means but will aim for the stage..
Jen - i am fairly sure it was during the solo to weather with you. I could also be wrong though, as the night just melded into one amazing blur for me also!(apart from I SEE RED hehe Big Grin )
Yeah - I remember it being the solo for WWY as well - Battylad must have been practically next to you then, Jen... cos he had the same experience.

And on that note, second only to the on-stage performances was the overall hyper-electric atmosphere and being able to meet fellow fans - Mercer and Battylad in particular.

Cheers everyone!


EDIT - PS. If anyone tried and failed to get to my photos earlier on, I have tried to fix the problem. If there are any other problems, PM me. CJ.
I'm really jealous I wasn't there, but at least I got to listen in on some of the gig from a couple of special phone calls Big Grin
EDIT - PS. If anyone tried and failed to get to my photos earlier on, I have tried to fix the problem. If there are any other problems, PM me. CJ.
Chris, you might want to consider resizing your pics as some of them are around 30Mb each...could be tricky for people using dial-up modems.

Back to the show: I was lucky enough to get a ticket three rows from the front, and I thought there was an excellent atmosphere throughout, band was on-form as ever. Great to hear Suffer Never, Persuasion and I Got You again, really got the crowd going. I was hoping for 'Bold As Brass' or another real oldie, but was really happy with I See Red. Tim was almost like himself of old, firing round the stage, waving his arms like a madman.

Neil and Tim seemed to enjoy the thrill of playing a larger venue like Hammersmith. Jen, I must have seen you there as I watched Neil play his guitar right at the front of stage. All in all, a great show once again - won't be seeing them again on this tour but I hope it's not the last time they tour the UK together Smiler
Was good to meet you to CJ & pal.

Was a fantastic night and Yes, Neil knelt in front of Me and a pal Katie and I guess that was you as well Jen.... and Im positive it was during WWY but it was a blur... as I See Red was next and that was Tim going Mad but I was and am also in shock too.......Still....what a night!

Great! Thanks for the review/pics/playlist! It must've been quite a show.

Did anyone happen to catch which non-Finn-related songs were played (Beethoven, Elton John songs)?
Well I've been to many Finn related shows and I'd say this was the best apart from the Finn brothers show at the church in London 8-10 years ago!

I really like Tim Finn and its such a shame he doesn't tour the UK so often. I have to say I think he is a great showman and when he smashed his mike to the floor and through himself down on the ground when he did 'I see Red' was amazing! Dirty Creatures was also a highlight. I love the little Tim shuffle.

Highlights for me were when Neil got the crowd to stand up, that shifted the whole event up a key and the atsmosphre improveed 100%.

My favs were 'Six Months', 'Pursuation' (as it was the first time I've heard this live and its such a cracking song'. Its was great to hear 'Part of Me, part of You'.

I was a tad disapointed with the live version of Edible Flowers. It would have been amazing just to have had Tim and Neil on satge, but I suppose 'have band must play'.

I also thought 'Suffer Never' was no where near as powerful as when then did it on the first Finn tour with Tim on drums and Neil on guitar.

However it really was a great night.

By the way, Missy was amazing and Mimmie Driver was a pile of pants and just what was she wearing!!! I read in the Sunday Times today that Mimmie has great dress sense, well she messed up on Friday!!
I think this was the best Finn related show I've seen since the last Crowded House tour with Paul Hester at the same venue.

I was at the Union Chapel show that Finn did and this was in a different league. The brothers were both in fine form and the band was great- the drummer is very Hester-like in style.

Sadly I missed the first 2 songs- I can't believe they are starting gigs before 9 these days! The perfromances of some of "Part of Me" put it up with the best of Finn.

The turning point for the gig (and there is always one at a Finn gig) was "There Goes God" which took me right back to the Town and Country gig on the Woodface tour.

To have "I see Red" and "I got you" as the closes was brilliant.

On the evidence of this gig, staying as this line up and putting out a couple more albums with both solo and co-written songs would be the best thing short of a Crowded House reunion.

Thanks guys.
we were up in the circle for this one because there were so many of us but it was great to see and hear things from a completely different perspective to what we're used to. The atmosphere was electric and it was great to watch Neil play piano from on high. I think Homesick and POMPOY have been my faves of the tour because I just love Neil on the piano.

It was a wonderful night, spoilt only by the morons two rows behind us who talked through the whole thing. We were too polite to tell them to shut the f*ck up so we just turned round and stared at them a lot. Didn't really do the trick but when it came to wanting to stand up we didn't feel guilty at blocking their view so that was alright.
Oh wow... Eeker

How awesome was the gig Friday 5th November, just sad that it felt too short!
Looking at it now, hadn't realised they had played so many songs! Confused

Just like to say a big shout out to Rachel from Sheffield who saved my life with 50p, so I could get my Tim Finn CD from the gig - whenever I look at it I'll remember you and the gig! Big Grin

Bless your cotton socks and hope you had a great time! Smiler

Also hiya to the lot who stood around in the cold after the gig outside for a glimpse of the Finns... wonder if Neil did pop by and say hello to them! All of them were great! Cool

Finn fans, you can't beat 'em! Wink

Best songs for me were, 'I Got You' and 'Suffer Never'! classic! Neil, Tim and the band ROCKED! Cool

Over and out...
Ayisha! Razzer

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