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Thanks for the heads-up, geddy.

This page is my favourite when working out times around the world...

Given that it's 4.30 in the morning your time (American Eastern Time), a good rule of thumb for everyone is that this starts in a little less than 3 and a half hours. (So, for the east coast of Australia, that's 10pm...)

I've spent the afternoon reviewing threads from my favourite forums (including this one) from two years back. It's the day the West truly lost its innocence, in a way... and of course with the verdicts in the Bali terrorism trials, this anniversary is opening up wounds on both sides of the Pacific, and all over the world.

My thoughts go out to all my American friends... peace be with you in these troubled times.

(Edited because I can't type very well when I'm crying, and thoughts of Sept 11 2001 still make me cry.)
god i cant believe its 2 years already, it doesnt seem it. So where were you all when it happend? (maybe thats another thread, i dont know)

i was sittin in my bedroom with my twin sister doin homework (i was in yr 12) and we were channel surfin an put it on sky news just in time to see the second plane hit. We both just looked for a second then ran in to tell mum and dad and sat on their bed watchin the coverage. I still remember mums look when the news said that they had hit the pentagon.

**** like that makes me wonder what the world will be like for my son in 20 years, lets just hope we kick some serious terrorist butt and put a stop to all this **** before we see more innocent sons and daughters killed.

and that my friends is the first and only time im going to be serious in this forum! LOL


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