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Just a reminder to Split Enz fans across Australasia that the "Live, Alive Oh" double CD is in stores tomorrow (7th). 30 Live tracks. International Frenz of the Enz club members we will have order details in the next club VIP email. It would be fantastic to see this in the Top 50 chart, so if we all grab a copy in this week of release, it has a chance.
JB Hi Fi have a special release price ($14.99) for week one - go to this link to order:


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Now store stock for this has almost gone in Australia. Apparently (and please call them first) Frankston JB, Eastlands JB,  Rundle Mall-Adelaide JB and Possibly Doncaster JB are down to the last copies. 

I hear that NZ JB stores are ok with stock, but still worth calling them first.

best bet is to buy it via the previously mentioned link.

Thanks everyone. 

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