I was'nt sure if this was better here or in W2S please move it if needed Smiler

First, classic black and white

I have a whole load of other variations, I can post them if there is interest Wink but when depends on the internet behaving!
Thinking of framing a set of 3 as a gift....

The stars look so different from here



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So pretty!!

*Chook makes a mental note to visit Piha when she gets the chance to go to NZ.*

I like the variations it looks almost like that was what the scenery looked like (colour-wise) when the photo was taken.

I really love the middle one. Purple water would be awesome. Smiler
Finngirl, wow! You know what I can see? An animation, beginning with the B&W image, slowly merging from one colourisation to another. An animated GIF would work, but the file would be ridiculously large. If you have the software to produce an AVI file would probably better.
In any case, I like what I see. Smiler

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